Ruff Squad / Slew Dem / Newham Generals / Plastician + Guests

13 Dec 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

So, after an incredible Red Bull Music Academy show last night, with some true garage legends.. we follow the lineage of undergrounf UK music to a grime special this Thursday. Featuring many of the guys who shaped the genres sound and history. Of course, you can't do something like that without Ruff Sqwad getting involved!

Tinchy, Rapid, Slix, Dirty Danger& Sir Spyro have done a lot of great things as Ruff Sqwad.. though most notably they're almost regarded as legendary figures - who most people have come to through YouTube clips, scouring for audio of their much obsessed over early white labels. Which have been reissued this year as a 'White Label Classic' compilation, much to everyone's delight..

Plastician is set to be coming down to the show as well, as he's one of the founding fathers. His production and DJ sets as Plasticman are a thing of legend, and that's before he switched his name to Plastician and became an integral force in Dubstep's formulation. He undoubtedly has the dubs!

Get ready to hear that memorable "SLEEEWWWW DEEMMMMM" voice over Thursday night's show, as yes you guessed it. Slew Dem will be there in full effect as well. Chronic, Tempz, DJ Spooky ? Who knows who is actually going to turn up (if they all do then there will be no room for any kind of crowd).. but surely that's always been the fun of grime?

Oh man, his is beginning to get ridiculous! Okay.. D Double E will be with us as well. Heralded by most as the voice of grime, and the finest MC that ever did it..

One of the only MC's that really made some moves in grime in the last couple of years is Kozzie. Member of Ardest Barrers, and you probably know him best for that Spartan remix - which..

Which also featured this guy. Merky Ace! An MC who is firmly rooted in the newest stage of grime, and who features on Lord of the Mics 3.

The Ruff Sqwad, Roll Deep, Bomb Squad and Circle affiliated Roache will be providing lyrics too.. woowee!

Boy Better Know's DJ, the incredible DJ Maximum is going to be down to play as well.

As is No Hats No Hoods badman DJ Magic!