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26 Feb 2015, 20:00 - 23:00 CET

Sangoplasmo Records is an upstart from Wroclaw, Poland dedicated to experimental music and the cassette tape. Established in 2011 by Lutto Lento – already heralded on the FTD label of BR’s Charles Drakeford – their output shows an appreciation for drone, ambient, field recordings, folk and soundscapes especially.

Their influences spiral off in a number of even more obtuse directions though. Cautiously digging through their back catalogue you’ll find odes to the beauty of nature, unidentified flying objects and people like Wilhelm Reich or Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Katapulto’s “Animalia” includes five recordings in six different languages about five animals, for instance. Some lysergic journey into sounds of the netherworld, haunting and weirdly comforting. Dreamy and introspective, yet slow and beautiful.

In recent releases, Sangoplasmo has detoured into more rhythm-based genres, incorporating the likes of techno into their arsenal. The songs are still weirdly wonderful, celebrating the grainier, oddball crevices of rhythm-led music. The type of stuff that’s hazy enough for dreaming, yet somehow danceable too. Lutto Lento’s very own “Death Beam”nabs inspiration from the electromagnetic weapon invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1930s. It’s an exercise in random squelches and electronic hiccups, strangely witch house-like yet still acutely Sangoplasmo.

Read on to find out more information about our Sangoplasmo takeover featuring the likes of Lutto Lento, Heroiny (live), Michael Kupicz and Flip Lech.