Sheffield Sonic/ Toddla T ft. Shola Ama & Serocee, Pipes, ForgeMasters, DJ Q & Walter Ego

30 Aug 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

So in the aftermath of carnival what better way to clear the fuzzy head you've spent a Bank Holiday weekend perfecting than yet another big music event. At least with this one though you can just sit in your armchair, most probably in pyjamas.. nursing a cup of hot chocolate and getting a steady shoulder roll on to some proper Sheffield business. Toddla T is getting all up in your Boiler Room, and he's bringing all his hometown mates that he probably met at Kabal Club ain't he!

This whole thing is to celebrate Toddla T's 'Watch Me Dance: Agitated by Ross Orton & Pipes' release..

So we already established that Toddla T is playing, but joining him will be the mighty Shola Ama and Serocee. God damn..

Sheffield legend Pipes is going to join us too. For the uninitiated he's a fundamental character in that steel city sound, cutting his teeth at nights like Waxlyrical and Scuba before meeting Ross Orton and becoming a remixing and 'agitating' duo. They're about to release an entire remix of album of Toddla's stuff titled 'Watch Me Dance: Agitated by Ross Orton & Pipes' - which this whole thing is kind of in aid of!

Forgemasters, the first people to release on Warp Records will be doing their thing as well. Being the first people on Warp is a bit like being that guy who invented the internet. Never going to lose an argument again are you..

What has Sheffield been known for in recent times? Bassline, the bastard child of garage that frankly gives us the sweats just thinking about it. Really can't wait to see where that sound is at right now, thanks to the masterful DJ Q!

Aaand finally hot new thing Walter Ego will be kicking off proceedings. With releases on the way on UTTU and Toddla's very own Girls Music label - he'll be sure to get you in 'the mood'.


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Toddla T
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Walter Ego