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Streaming From Isolation – #9

Unknown03 Apr 202021:00 - 22:00 UTC

Tonight at 21pm UK, we are joined by Dixon and his altered take on an isolation stream. Courtesy of his platform Transmoderna, the broadcast will be filtered through the lens of mixed reality and visually accentuate the producers of his selected tracks in a digital 3-D environment. As the stream goes live, the yet unreleased tracks will be available to purchase on Bandcamp with all proceeds going directly to their artists.

8 unreleased tracks from the mix online now via Bandcamp

100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists behind them.

01. Tettix Hexer - Immutable Interior Design
02. Alex Medina feat. Elna - Golden Teacher
03. The Eyes In The Heat - Amateur (Raudive Mix)
04. Aera - Turing Machine
05. Mehill - Through Withdrawals
06. Echonomist - The Sequence Cabinet
07. Ditian - Expired Drama
08. Aera - Naked Church
09. Aaaron - 2020 Souls
10. Áesger - Until Daybreak (Nandu early morning mix) Unofficial release
11. Ivory - Dreamers
12. David O’Dowda - The World Retreats

Video Credits:
Visual Director - Tim Novikov (@o_.o._o)
Creative Direction - Ana Ofak
Unity Development - Aaron Jablonski (@exitsimulation)
Art Direction CG - Giusy Amoroso (@sx_marigoldff) / Aaron Jablonski
CG Lead Environment/Creatures - Giusy Amoroso
Environment artist - Maxi Galgenmaier (@sx_maxi_milane)
Executive Producer - Steffen Berkhahn
Camera - Tim Scherret
Kinect - Aaron Jablonski and Timur Novikov
Sound - Bjorn Debergh
Project Manager - Alex Horton

Unknown03 Apr 202021:00 - 22:00 UTC
21:00 - 22:00 GMT