Event flyer

Taya Francis pres. Big Tings | BR x UYC: Nottingham

10 Nov 2021, 18:30 - 22:30 GMT

Our new three-part series passes the curatorial reins over to three emerging fashion designers to showcase the sounds and style of the UK cities that they love.

Made possible thanks to Unlock Your City, the series will see each designer curate a special Boiler Room spotlighting local artists, and bridging the worlds of music, design and fashion.

Our next stop is Nottingham, where fashion designer Taya Francis - whose knitwear brand Knit & Ting blends traditional British knitwear styles with Jamaican bootleg and D.I.Y culture - curates a night celebrating these touchstones.

Focussing on upcoming artists from London and Nottingham, expect sounds of the global diaspora and & the roots of UK club.

Find out more about Taya here & sign up for a chance to attend.

Artwork by Kione Grandison