Tectonic/ Pinch, Distal, Kryptic Minds & Beneath - Hosted by MC Chunky

23 May 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Have you been kept awake at night by the fact that Pinch has only played the Boiler Room once, and it was a hell of a long time ago! We sure have.. and to rectify this, as well as allowing us to sleep easier, we've got him back. This time he's coming through with a selection of artists that represent the sound, whatever that might be, that Tectonic have been pushing since wayyy back.

The last things we heard from Pinch were that amazing Deep Medi release and his collaborative album with Shackleton - so let's all get excited about where his production head has been at since then. My guess is it's probably somewhere weird, bass-driven and better than most other stuff out there.

Tectonic's latest release was a sublime album by Distal. After releasing tracks on various labels over the past 3 years, this LP really announced his arrival as one of the scenes most interesting producers. We can't wait to see what he brings to Boiler Room!

Remember that Kryptic Minds album that kickstarted Swamp 81 way back when.. because we sure as hell do. Shit was more legit than the idea that the Olympics will be a massive disappointment. The guys are still making great stuff, and Tectonic has been one of the may outlets for that over the years. Now they're all set to come to Boiler Room and show off a little bit.

To round it all off, the mysterious white label producing man of the moment Beneath is making a Boiler Room debut. I say mysterious, because all white labels are mysterious. They should come presented with surrounding dry ice to add to the mysticism in my eyes. Case in point however, is that if anyone has No Symbols 001 for sale at a reasonable price - please don't hesitate to email [email protected] with your proposal.


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Kryptic Minds