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Terry Riley & Friends

08 Apr 2015, 20:15 - 22:15 CEST

On Tuesday, we return to Amsterdam's Muziekgebouw for the World Minimal Music Festival and a performance from one of the great musical pioneers of our time, Terry Riley. Accompanied by a few select friends, Riley will play two of his towering classics: 'In C', one of the first minimal compositions ever written; and 'A Rainbow in Curved Air', an enormously influential composition from the quintessential Summer of Love. Further to that, the broadcast will feature Riley premiering 'Children of Gaza', a piece specially composed for the festival.

The show's performing artists and broadcast times (albeit approximate) are printed below:

20.15 – 20.35
'A Rainbow in Curved Air'
Performed by Lunatree

20.40 – 21.05
'Children of Gaza'
Performed by
Gregory Charette (Conductor)
Gwyneth Wentink (Harp)
Janne Rättyä (Accordeon)
William Knight (Tenor)
Nieuw Amsterdams Jeugdkoor (Choir)

21.25 – 22.15
'In C'
Performed by Stargaze