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The Invisible, Hejira, Gwilym Gold & Hello Skinny

28 Sep 201215:24 - 15:24 UTC

This show will be broadcasted live from 7pm – 10pm, Tuesday  2nd October

The show itself is strictly private , you must be on a guest list to get in.

Everyone else, you get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live

So next Tuesday we return with a handful of LIVE performances from some folks we thing you're really going to lose your shit over. We mean really, truly lose your shit over!


Woowee, The Invisible are coming to play on Boiler Room. We were trying to hoom something up around the first album that never really came to fruition - but now they have a new record out and shit has fallen into place son!

Jazz group Hejira will be playing on the show as well. There stuff is dope, as you can tell from the video above - which also relays the fact that they also kill it live. 

Gwilym Gold brought a great big bag of the good stuff when he played live for us a couple of months ago, so we're welcoming him back to DJ on the night. 

Aaaand he'll be joined in the DJ booth by Hello Skinny - yet another incredible talent for your ear canals to soak in.

28 Sep 201215:24 - 15:24 UTC


Gwilym Gold
Gwilym Gold
Hello Skinny
The Invisible