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Uncover Sessions: Tijuana

Tijuana11 Nov 201522:00 - 04:00 PST

Tijuana has always been considered as a crucial pole for electronic music in Mexico. The city’s bordering condition has undoubtedly contributed to Tijuana’s distinctive dance culture, with the creation of music hybrids contrasting hugely to the rest of the country’s preferences. Throughout the last two decades, the remoteness of Tijuana's scene – as well as the remoteness of the location itself – has acted as a covert blessing that has developed a distinctive local style.

Similar to the neighbouring Latin-American embassy of Los Angeles, Tijuana is a kind of international catapult, providing an entry into the musical worlds of places like Chicago, London, Montreal and Berlin; the exposure and acclaim of its veteran players is proof.  In order to understand this, we have to understand how the homegrown scene formed Tijuana's new sounds which are now taking the world by stormA handful of Tijuana’s artists – both veteran and fresh blood – share the intention of creating an authentic electronic sound. It is these voices that have changed the perception of the city, from an industrial one to a musical one.

For this, our last Uncover Session broadcast of the year will profile this Baja-Californian synthesis – a 100% Mexican showcase featuring the live acts of Dani Shivers, Ford Procco + Max Lemat, Machino, Grenda, Fax, and the urbanism of D.F.’s anonymous Antigravity.

Keep an eye out on the FB event for tickets or tune in on 11th November, to catch Tijuana’s musical history in the making.

Tijuana11 Nov 201522:00 - 04:00 PST
06:00 - 12:00 GMT