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Tokyo x Dommune: Boris, Merzbow

24 Jun 2014, 21:00 - 23:30 JST

Dommune is in many ways the beating heart of Japan’s progressive approach to combining music and technology. Since 2010 the venue, which boasts one of the foremost soundsystems in the world (let alone Tokyo), has played host to weekday broadcasts, bringing hundreds of international DJs through the hallowed doors and streaming them across the globe – not a million miles from Boiler Room! The combination of cutting-edge electronic music and political dialogue, helmed by enigmatic founder Ukawa, has made Dommune renowned the world over.

Boiler Room and Dommune are teaming up for a seriously rare show. We're bringing together the mighty Boris, arguably Japan’s most successful hard rock band of the past 15 years, with boundary-pushing experimental wizard Merzbow; both critical darlings and serious concert draws. Boris will be performing ahead of the release of their new record “Noise” – and promise to bring a lot of it…