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UK Funky Flashback

13 Jan 2015, 20:00 - 23:00 GMT

The mid-2000s are as good an example as any of London's habit of nurturing music's most innovative and memorable oddities. Nestled somewhere between dubstep's measured evolution and grime's rowdy arrival came UK Funky. Not directly related to either of those scenes, it's fondness for Afro-Caribbean syncopations and strong, soulful house backbone spoke volumes to the raver in particular. It even whiffed of garage’s classy hedonism, thanks to its strong vocal contributions, healthy obsession with bass and admiration of the champagne-loving lifestyle.


In order to revisit the everything the scene was about, some of the movement's key players took part in a roundtable discussion podcast. Boiler Room prompted points of interest for the four to feed upon, but generally took a backseat to let the guys chat about what is well and truly theirs. The results are spirited, informative and incendiary in equal measure, with grudges being ironed out and dirty laundry well and truly aired. Listen to it over here.


The podcast forms a sturdy backdrop to next Tuesday's UK Funky show with help from MCs and a sect of unannounced live PA specials. It's bound to be a dance-filled affair.