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Uncover Sessions: Mexico City Reinvented

27 Jun 2015, 17:00 - 22:00 CDT

The music scenes that transcend are almost always isolated and aside form global tendencies and below the common aesthetic tastes. This is the base of any musical movement that is born within a limited group of people that share a certain intention/passion and throughout time it inevitably extends publicly when the situation and the cultural context around it allows it to grow. Nevertheless, not always does the reinvention behind art forms rise in underground contexts and collectives. Certain scenarios favour those who create away from these, developing a creative impact that shines for itself with the purpose of leading art to its diverse shapes of innovation.
It is no secret that the geographical context around these art forms can either limit or aid this creativity. There are cities around the world that host a stable health within culture and music like London, Berlin, New York, and even Mexico City; cities where the cultural globalisation has led its artists to speak the same musical language and the emission of genres like House and Techno. This is a clear example of how global synchronisation is reflected in art.
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