Warehouse Project/ Welcome To The Warehouse

29 Sep 2012, 20:00 - 23:00 UTC

So the time has come to announce the heat we have lined-up for you all at our first broadcast direct from Manchester's Warehouse Project. The guys have given us a secret chamber deep within their warehouse to throw a little party earlier on than their usual proceedings - and this first one is a welcoming to what the situation is going to be like over the coming months.

First off, hero of yours and ours Mr Andrew Weatherall will be in attendance. His last appearance on our show was a pretty big moment for us, and this will undoubtedly be the same.

Heidi has done some pretty exceptional shit really now hasn't she. What with earning herself a Watergate residency, getting a Radio 1 show and playing pretty much everywhere ever, she must be pretty busy. However, she'll be dedicating a portion of her time this Saturday to playing for you all on Boiler Room. Niceness!

That loveable Soul Clap pair will be the on the night too, this time it'll be the both of them working off one another. So you can expect some pretty great things..

You'll probably know Justin Robertson for his extensive remix work, or the fact that he's a damn tight DJ - so we're hyped to see what he bring to our little corner of Warehouse Project for what promises to be on hell of a broadcast.