Shedbug “187 District”

‘Salt Mines’ co-founder, Shedbug, is a Melbourne staple. The ‘down-under’ DJ/producer has been making steady techno and house productions for local audiences for years. Recently, that output — which regularly alludes to the 90s golden era — has caught the attention and the ear of audiences everywhere. Enter Incipience, his four track introductory EP which quells any naysayers of illegitimate hype surrounding the Aussie.

The third track on the release, “187 District” is fervent and frantic; perfect for nighttime warehouse madness. Bass-heavy, low-down, and gritty, this is the track for you.

Incipience, Shedbug’s debut EP, is out on August 26th.

Henry Graney

Henry Graney

Henry is the NY office Editorial and Programming Intern.

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