Tom Hang “In The Deep”

Under a new alias, Lobster Theremin don Jimmy Asquith treats all to a dose of needle-breaking sounds at a nosebleed bpm. Asquith’s tendencies for variety and deep, diverse breadth of musical talent is what Lobster Theremin has become known for. Any time that isn’t spent heading up the revered label, is spent fabricating music that shares the Lobster manifesto. Having consistently catapulted talent such as Palm Trax and Manse onto our hard drives, it seems only fitting that the label boss is now displaying his own ability to kill it in the musical laboratory.

Tom Hang’s upcoming The New World EP sees the label boss weave a narrative of escapism and delirium, from which “In The Deep” stands king. Toeing the line between immersive deep pulses, organ rupturing modulations and teetering melodies, “In The Deep” tackles techno from a number of angles – keeping you hooked throughout.

“In The Deep” emerges on 2nd October via Where To Now.

Izzy Choudhary

Izzy Choudhary

Editorial intern for the Berlin office

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