Tsunga “Maris Piper”

Black Acre are definitely on a roll at the moment. With a discography already boasting heavy-hitters from the likes of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Romare and Dark Sky, they steamrolled through the past year with Clap! Clap!’s debut album Tayi Bebba – an afro-influenced funbag with generous amounts of footwork and bass around the 135bpm mark.

The Bristol-based imprint are refusing to pull the handbrake. They dip in again with a fresh rave-bunker from thrifty newcomer, Tsunga. Under Scratcha’s wing, Tsunga began his heavily distorted attack on the dance floor last year with the terrifying “Feisar”, melding a 92’ hardcore sensibility with grime’s ferocity. “Maris Piper” is fine chop and twist work. Built on Hulk-heavy low-end surges and relentless head-knocking breaks, it’s classic jungle techno at its best.

It arrives both digitally and on clear 10” vinyl on the 4th May 2015.

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