Typesun “Make It Right”

Gilles Peterson-endorsed Bristolian, Typesun, makes his next chess move following on from a queue of primo productions over the last few years. “The PL”, which featured the softly softly croons of an anonymous vocalist, was an undisputed 2013 jewel. “Water Song” was a swaddling pool of Latin loveliness; so good we had to take a dive ourselves. Now he’s recruited MOBO-award winning jazz quartet Empirical’s Lewis Wright (vibraphone) and top guitar session player Miles James alongside a group of Bristol’s finest musicians for “Make It Right”. Smoke-infused pinned down by Typesun’s finely-honed production chops; it’s the ideal mid-night foot-shifter.

Ready your shuffle for the February 5 release date via Don’t Be Afraid.

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