Upfront 004 / November 17, 2014


A new audio mix series where we call upon the most interesting artists/DJs/record labels and ask them to peer into the near future. How they take it from there is entirely open to interpretation. Head honcho at Mindset Records, Synkro, is the next curator of our series taking a journey through the atmospheric realms of bassweight via newness from himself, DjRUM and Consequence.

About this mix

It has taken me a long time to find a sound that I am truly happy with. From my first releases on Smokin' Sessions & Mindset Records to more experimental pieces on Styrax & Exit, I have gradually developed it into something which I think really reflects me as an artist.

One of the key factors in the development of my sound was in 2012. After hearing a few of my early pieces on YouTube, Renaat Vandepapeliere contacted me. Ren explained that he was going to relaunch Apollo Records, the legendary sister label to R&S Records and he wanted some exclusive material from me. I sent Ren what I thought was an albums worth of material and he carefully chose 4 tracks for an EP that ended up being the first release to relaunch the label. Since then, I have found a home with Apollo and Ren has really helped over the past few years by giving me the space and freedom to develop my sound over several EPs. I really admire his attitude towards the music industry and have massive amounts of respect for him and Sabine for everything they have done for electronic music.

This mix basically represents my journey so far with a lot of exclusive material in there from myself and a few close friends (Bering Strait, Seers & Djrum). Some of my new tracks take elements from previous work, and others are completely new ideas that I have only recently finished. It's been great fun putting the mix together and it kind of feels like a mini album in some ways. I would like to thank Yasmin Lever for the amazing artwork & thanks to BR for the opportunity.

Joe McBride

Boiler Room says...

Genre-hopping specialist Synkro has made a habit of scrambling pre-existing patterns and rearranging those codes until new deviants emerge. His initial amble into music introduced us to his Rastaman skank tendencies on dubstep labels like Smokin’ Sessions and Dubbed Out. Since those embryonic stages, his grip has been firmly clenched around a wide range of tempos - from 'intelligent' drum and bass to ethereal soundscapes - with an obsession for well-measured sound design and negative space.

Then there's Akkord, the collaboration Synkro has with longtime friend, Indigo. Picked up by Houndstooth, the pair blurred smoky ambiance with infectious dub  to critical acclaim on their debut, eponymous project. His latest body of work Transient EP is up for pre-order via Apollo Records, the fledgeling sister division of era-defining techno and house dons, R&S Records. Most notably inspired by the artist's recent move from Manchester back to the pastoral environs of his childhood home in Derbyshire.

For 40-odd minutes, the Mancunian meanders through a treasure trove of unheard upcoming cuts from himself and friends, like Djrum, Consequence and Seers - enter this week's Upfront.



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