Upfront 017 / March 9, 2015

Omega Supreme

Omega Supreme - one of the brightest beacons of modern funk - step forward with a blend of their finest boogie offerings. Replete with rarities, reissues and ample amounts of synth gloss.

About this mix

When asked to create a mix that peers into the future of Omega Supreme Records, I thought this would be a great opportunity to present music we have coming out later this year. We have dub plates for the next three releases and I really want to share them but realized this is a greater opportunity to showcase the music of our peers in the modern funk community.

The momentum cultivated by a handful of independent record labels over the last few years has been bringing underground funk artists out of the shadows and into the light. Out of digital saturation and obscurity, to eternal life into record crates around the world. Funk institutions and DJ crews like Funkmosphere, Sweater Funk and Funk Freaks have been a driving force bringing Modern/Boogie/Funk back to the club life on a weekly basis for almost a decade with momentum increasing.

This has been inspiring DJs around the world to bubble up their own modern funk nights in their respective cities around the world adding to these collectives and connecting people to a common ground, to a point where everybody's damn near family. Not only that but the extensive work these crews do to bring back the OG's and elders in this funk game to the stage and studio once again, proving that it's a culture that wants to reach out and resonate with its originators not criticize or alienate them.

Record labels like Peoples Potential Unlimited, Family Groove, Sound Boutique/Beat Electric and others put painstaking hours and effort into tracking down these obscure artists to legitimately resurface their gems for the worlds funk enthusiasts to enjoy once again.

Thankful for labels like PPU, Voltaire , Rotating Souls, Cosmic Chronic, Cherries, MoFunk, Funk Freaks, Disko Obscura, Names You Can Trust, Roller Soul, Eddie Pendergrass, Austin Boogie Crew and others who have been committed to developing and nurturing the creativity these musicians bring, giving them a voice. As a DJ, ModernFunk is my favorite dialogue and I would like to keep the conversation going forever! This mix is just scratching the surface to what that dialogue is all about. Keep it on the one!


Boiler Room says...

Funk has wormed its way back into consciousness be it inch-by-inch. Groove disciples like Los Angeles’ Dam-Funk have held the flag at full mast for what seems like eons, but others have also taken heed. Take Omega Supreme for example. Supreme indeed in their relentless strive to unearth only the finest fruits of modern boogie.

Born out of Portland, Oregon – and more specifically, James Vance’s imagination – Omega are fluent in the language of soul-flecked toplines, groovy bassweight and synth gloss. With a unique mix of urban living and abundant nature, Portland has, in recent years, been stereotyped as a haven for the hip and creative. Bubbles of nerdy obsession and interest coexist, collaborate and, in certain cases, thrive.

The OS boat has been chugging along since late 2012, starting with an EP from Dam-Funk’s cousin, Turquoise SummersNever Can Get Enuff opened proceedings with resplendent, synth-laden finesse – a rigid foundation to build upon. LPs from Sasac (Sasac, Ultra & Hyperion) and 12″, EPs & 7” via L33/Sven Atterton & Moon B, Brian Ellis & Bus Crates 16-Bit Ensemble have raised their Discogs rep since.

This is no localised mission, mind. Omega Supreme have stretched their limbs across seas to nurture the finest. Sasac is from Sweden, Midnight Runners from Indonesia, K-Maxx out in San Francisco and Sven Atterton, humble Braintree in Essex. Rather difficult to get them all in one place, yes, but thankfully tailor-made for our Upfront mix series. Glide into the future on this jaunt through modern funk, replete with upcoming reissues and unshared audio gems.



Andwot juggles head of editorial and hosting/programming duties for Boiler Room.