Upfront 018 / April 6, 2015

Fantastic Man

The aptly-named Fantastic Man (aka Mic Newman) steps up on this week's Upfront mix, showcasing the sun-kissed sound of modern Melbourne. Spring has arrived.

About this mix

What I love most about music is that no matter how much I indulge, or how much I think I uncover, it just keeps on giving. I still stumble across new and fresh music all the time, even if it’s been around for 30 or 60 years.

My taste is constantly evolving, and so for this particular mix I want to focus on something that has also been evolving, a particularly strong source of inspiration: my hometown. My mix is largely made up of unreleased music, mainly by artists from Melbourne Australia, along with a few noteworthy selections from abroad, of course.

I’ve also snuck in a few original productions including one or two from newly formed and unannounced projects as well as tracks from an upcoming EP on Berlin label Love On The Rocks.
My goal here wasn’t only to showcase my own music, but also the products of an environment and culture, which in my opinion has yielded some of the most interesting artists of late.

I’d like to say a big fat danke shön to everyone who submitted their tunes for this mix.

Fantastic Man

Boiler Room says...

There was a particular moment about 20m into Young Marco's boozy send-off to Trouw that raised the roof: a monstrous, cacophonous, polyrhythmic assault charging through seemingly out of nowhere, sending heads spinning. Marco himself could barely control the energy of the cut we later found out was "Ode To A Dream" – a Fine Choice, indeed.

With a boutique imprint, releases split between his birthname and the (apt) Fantastic Man moniker, plus a burgeoning tour scheduleMic Newman is a man who evidently likes keeping himself busy. But this week's Upfront proves that, no matter the distance, home remains where the heart is.

Pretty much the entire starring cast of last year's incredible Melbourne rooftop BR session feature, set against scattered pearls from Emotional Especial and Public Possession; two other upstart labels that appreciate the value of fostering a tight-knit coterie of localised, likeminded artists.

Inside you've got cosmic chug falling away into blissfully airy tones; tracks that sound like the offspring of Seekae and an extended Talk Talk dub; there's even a spoken word segment affording a half-time breather. Suffice to say, it goes down smooth.

Mic's mix has arrived right on time for Spring. Grab some amber & get cosy.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.