Upfront 020 / April 20, 2015

Moon B

100% homegrown goodness from LA-via-Atlanta PPU mainstay Moon B, coming through with funk as shiny as it is syrupy.

About this mix

I am excited for the musical future that I will continue to play around in. I’m also excited for the recent past, moments from which I have shared within this mix.

There are a few outtakes from my Lifeworld sessions, plus some heavily sedated and mystified takes on compositions from a few of my releases on People’s Potential Unlimited (PPU).

Peace and blessings to all.

Wes Gray

Boiler Room says...

The core components of a Moon B cut don't differ all that much from release to release. From Omega Supreme split 12"s and recent 1080p cassette Lifeworld, through breakthroughs on everyone's favourite weirdo boogie emporium PPU, native ATLien Wes Gray keeps it consistent. If it ain't broke...

Though if we were to break it down, it wouldn't be impossible to fix back up. At a rough guess, you've got: featherlight pads set against chunky 505 basslines; spindly LinnDrum patterns with just the right amount of saturated crunch; plus trademark cute Roland melodies, the sonic embodiment of those shimmering PPU jewels, or little beads sloping down the neck of a beer.

Sometimes it all fits together a little wonky, but that's alright; you get the feeling it's purposeful. Gray's way with effects is such that he can seemingly drop a track down to a syrupy x.75 time before picking up the pace with no fuss.

Given the apparent effortlessness of his abstract funk squiggles on record, we thought we'd peep Moon B's 'under construction' phase – to give a flavour of the forthcoming and sketch over a few choice previous compositions. Surprise surprise, it's 35m of sunny side up joy.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.