Upfront 027 / June 15, 2015

J. Tijn

Skewing overwhelming toward homegrown originals, the loveable techno miscreant – and apparent Pokémon fanboy – comes through with bangers galore.

About this mix

The idea originally was to play a mixture of recent demo stuff and music I'll be releasing over the next 6-8 months but when Joe and I did our b2b session, that's exactly what we did.

I knew I sought to avoid just playing a slightly updated version of that set so I got my begging bowl out and raided a few of the producers I play the most for any fresh stuff they had.

Basically: wanted to do a mix of my own stuff but there's not enough of it that's good.

Jesse Kuyé

Boiler Room says...

Earlier this February at our Plex takeover, two Js with somewhat errantly-punctuated monikers made their inaugural BR bow. They played inside what was described on Twitter as 'some kind of spaceship control centre'. The power got accidentally yanked out halfway through by another performer. One of them was wearing an '08-era Man Utd top that deeply irked a former Boiler Room staffed. The music may have been hard-as-nails, but the surrounding slapstick humour helped it down smooth.

That b2b between JoeFarr and the offensively dressed J. Tijn was stacked to the rafters with originals so fresh they lacked titles – or even proper mixdowns. It's testament to their prodigious work rate, as demonstrated by a steady clip of releases across the past year on the likes of Leisure System, Brothers, Bedouin and a split with Objekt. It was killer, so we asked Jesse back for more.

Unsurprisingly he comes good a second time, skewing overwhelming toward his own homegrown strain.There's even a track in there called "Mr Mime", which makes two Pokémon references on the books. The mix (accompanied by Maggie SYH's artwork) is quintessential Tijn: clangorous and hefty, barreling down rough 'n ready nosebleed techno with fragments of electro and noise embedded like shrapnel.

Bangers galore, basically.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.