Upfront 032 / August 10, 2015

Mount Liberation Unlimited

Gerd Janson-approved goodness from the bowels of the Swedish underground. Summer jams, basically.

About this mix

You know, we've been trying to record this podcast for a while. Sitting in the studio, hooking all the gear up and trying to make it happen. Needless to say, nothing ever happened, besides us getting upset, cranky at each other and losing every single trace of inspiration that might still have been lingering in our bodies that day. There might be a few different reasons for this, like the lack of windows or fresh air in our studio space. But instead of presenting ourselves like spoiled little brats we’d rather like to blame the simple fact that what we do is LIVE, and LIVE is not LIVE if it ain’t LIVE!

So, we pretty much realized that the only way for us to record this podcast was to do it in the true environment that it’s made for: the discotheque.

Luckily, we were invited to play at this semi-legal/not so legal club in Gothenburg called Mythos a few weeks back, (which just happened to be one of the best parties we’ve ever been to). I mean, living in a country where 95% of the 'nightclubs' close around 1am and where an adult can’t buy alcohol on a Sunday, it’s a rare luxury to play at a party where the organizers don’t give a single shit about what the L.A.W. says and fills up a warehouse with 1200 people that don’t leave until it’s time for Sunday brunch. These guys are for real, yo.

Anyway, drum machines, synths, kids on whizz and darlings on Charlie were all coming together for this party (shout out to M. Skinner). Nah but seriously, with this live set we really put a lot of effort into trying to create something specific for the very moment and room that we’re playing in. Rather than externalizing the music to become something generic and independent beyond that unique moment. That way we try to avoid ending up with music that feels sterile and like something that came straight out of Santa’s deep house workshop. We don’t know if we have succeeded though, but we think the main idea is just really that we want it to be aleatory in some way. Probably a lot because of our background playing in endless band constellations and spending way too much time in music schools. The easy way was never really an option in that context.

So yeah, you’ll hear a fair bit of MPC live drumming, a few of them Juno chords, some hits on the 707 and maybe even some SP404 timbale grooves. If you listen really closely you might also hear a few notes that definitely were not meant to be there at all, but that in the context of that specific night worked out just fine.

Because; “to err is human”. And we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what makes art and music so bloody interesting and fun to create. People nowadays make it way too easy for themselves to not fail we reckon. Which is pretty dangerous, and really fucking boring to watch. We’re not interested in getting comfortable only to get stuck in the same loop over and over and over. Because if you stop challenging yourself you stop progressing. And if there’s no progress, there’s no nothing. Standing still is not an option on the dance floor folks!!

As you listen through the mix and hear the corrugated steel walls from the warehouse rumble in your headphones and the front row people screaming over our imperfected sounds, we think it’s all part of the music. It’s a cliché for sure, but – house music is a feeling, yo! And in order to make this mix work we couldn’t take it out of it’s context, because then that feeling would’ve been long gone.

See you soon in the future, and hope you enjoy these moments!

Best, //MLU.

Niklas Janzon & Tom Lagerman

Boiler Room says...

Pretty much all we know about Stockholm duo Mount Liberation Unlimited up to this point is "Clinton Space Funk". That's a line wheeled out constantly for shadowy side-projects and guessing-game white labels – so not to imply any secrecy on their part. Just, that's genuinely about all we have: a bounding psych jam backed by a goofy video with more than a hint of Klaxons to it.

Their ode to the world's foremost P-funk practitioner has been finding its way into Gerd Janson mixes and Move D sunrise sets, which isn't bad going. The MLU boys evidently have a canny way of sneaking to the front of the queue; and so it proves here.

Consider this the curtain-raiser: roughly an hour of freewheeling jamming that ebbs and flows between strung-out and full-pelt, clubby and contemplative, graceful and endearingly clumsy. The MLU boys asked that they use the boost of an actual IRL audience for extra juice, and we're glad we relented – although apparently some of the hysterical cheering bridging the tracks are laugh-track style samples being triggered for 'atmospheric' effect. Who's to know and more importantly, who really cares?

Some of the material nestled away here has already been tapped up by an extremely reputable label, but we've been told to keep mum for now (boo). It's telling; on the basis of this Upfront, a flurry of interest is sure to follow. Set this side-by-side with your favourite live takeaway from Dozzy & Neel / Kettenkarussell / Magic Mountain High [delete as applicable] and it stacks up impressively.

Plus, we doubt any of the aforementioned are making offhand The Streets quips with such consummate ease. Always a bonus.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.