Upfront 036 / September 23, 2015


50WEAPONS — Modeselektor's stable of fun-loving, multi genre-embracing musical friends — sign off accordingly with this 45min swansong from the founders. Long live the legacy.

About this mix

In the techno scene, especially in the 90s, a really good track was known as a "Brett“ [editors note: a "plank"]. We also used to say "that track is a weapon!" That's how we ended up with the name 50WEAPONS for our label back then.

We only wanted to do 50 releases, and here we are now with our 50WEAPONS finale: catalogue numbers #040 to #050, 10 years (2005-2015) and 10 final label parties all over the world. And, last but not least, a final mix solely made up of techno weapons from our label catalogue and its awesome artists. Enjoy!


Boiler Room says...

I don’t think that there is any act from Berlin that's as uniquely Berlin as Modeselektor. They represent everything that makes this city and its état d’esprit so special: do your thing, avoid giving a fuck, be real and have fun while doing so. That's exactly what they have been doing since I've been following them for the past ten years or so; ever since I ended up at their infamous Labland performance at Volksbühne by pure accident in 2005 (those visuals got even licensed by the Rolling Stones for a tour once, by the way).

Their music is as much as Berlin an amalgamation of various styles and cultural influences - you’ll always find some techno, some dub, some hip hop and some electronica in there, but it always will sound 100% like Modeselektor. As people they are the realest dudes you can imagine - their devotion to the extended Monkeytown and 50WEAPONS family is legendary, equalled only by their humour and their bullshit free attitude. All of that is palpable throughout the 50WEAPONS back catalogue.

There's a crystalline reflection of a crew growing and finding their thing, the fun being had along the way and the passion that consumes them — its all there within the music. I’m happy to have been able to witness the journey and I’m stoked that Boiler Room is part of the last mile!

Michail Stangl

Michail Stangl

Besides being our main man in Berlin, Michail is also known for co-running the Leisure System events (and label) at Berghain, his questionable DJ skills and as a curator of Berlin’s CTM Festival.