Upfront 042 / November 2, 2015


This week's Upfront is a special 50-minute mix of dusty, blissed out hip hop – all courtesy of creative music collective, TeamSESH.

About this mix

TeamSESH is a group of friends from all over the world bound together by our love for music and the same love for creating it. We are steadily working towards our dreams; as a unit. Thanks to everybody for the support, it is and will always be appreciated. We got so much more coming very soon.

Words by Bones
Mix by hnrk


Boiler Room says...

It's not only TeamSESH's music that strikes a chord with me, it's also the ethos.

There's something about the timeless originality; refusing to sign a deal. A constant output of high quality original material, all produced and made in-house. It's purely for the love.

They also have a tireless work rate. You can expect to see and hear something new almost every day from SESH. The music output is so steady and so strong, yet it still maintains a really high level of freedom and unpredictability. As a result it truly keeps people intrigued. In the danger zone. It takes calculated risks to try something new. Something any individual would want and that forges some type of empowerment within them.

The effort is undeniably pure and honest. Something that is a rare entity in this day and age. To see someone gain success while only abiding to their own rules is something truly inspirational.

The world of music as we see it somewhat fucked, more often than not seen as an industry to make money rather than anything else. Music's true purpose is love and, ultimately to form a connection. Many other sacred things — sex and art, for instance — have been churned into money-making endeavours. As a result, it can be hard to define what true feelings are being represented by what you listen to. I think the majority of people find themselves marginalised by what they listen to and how it represents them. SESH may be able to change this for you.

I believe in self empowerment and fulfilling your dreams for the sake of your heart; not just for a cheque or a record deal. I recognise how SESH haven't given a part of themselves away to anyone. They are their own entity; passionate, strong, original and uncompromising.

This mix is a potent, 50min swig from the TeamSESH brew. Some of the tracks can be found buried on releases from years ago; others were made within the last few weeks and one in particular is an unheard gift from Bones. The quotes that bookend the mix sum up SESH in a very literal way.

Their recognition and consequent success is proof that a pure and independent approach to music is possible, and it has truly inspired me to conquer my own dreams. As I said, it's self-empowerment at its finest.

Sonny Jake Walters

Sonny Jake Walters

Sonny forms part of BR London's production and directing crew.