Upfront 052 / January 25, 2016


Ballroom, techno, house, garage, dancehall — all of them gloop around each other in this 50min foray into 100% unheard Crazylegs territory.

About this mix

At the end of last year we put together a label history mix for RA - we spent ages crafting a comprehensive, polished summary of the story so far. For Boiler Room we wanted to create the antithesis: a rough, uncensored look into the future, covering forthcoming label material, demos, remixes, works in progress, along with some bits that never came out and a few bonus dubs from our friends. It’s an insight into the A&R process for anyone who’s interested.

We’re an artist-driven record label from Bristol, we’re just over 3 years old but we've run parties under the same name since 2008. We’ve put out 17 releases to date, 7 on vinyl and 1 on CD. Our family writes everything from experimental noise thru psychedelic pop to soundsystem bangers. The mix is impulsive and a bit disjointed but that's a fair representation of the inner workings of the label. Tracklist is necessarily vague but there’s unheard material in here from the whole team.

Compiled and mixed by Gage & Shandy.


Boiler Room says...

Ever since I joined the Boiler Room ranks, and perhaps even a little before it, Andy Musgrave has remained as a tried-and-true musical benefactor. He has a habit of blessing the inbox whenever the new music bank runs low; a constant reminder that the Crazylegs trenches are deep and regularly replenished. Much more often than not, these offerings cause heads to bop and cocked gun-fingers across the BR second floor.

Naturally, not everything that docks in the unread section connects on the first listen. Sometimes even after a couple there's no familiar staple between one project and the next. Yet, perhaps its this trait; this youthful rejection of a formula that keeps the Bristol-based dons ticking over.

For the lazy, a lot of Crazylegs' output could simply be stamped as grime. That's no disservice either, considering how well-recognised names like Bloom, Gage and Murlo rub shoulders on the roster. But it's clear that grime is just one reference tack on a moodboard of many: ballroom, techno, house, garage, dancehall — all of them seem to gloop around each other in a way that's unique and ear-grabbing.

Another thing is Andy's nature of deflecting any shine on to the artists in hand; mostly Bristol-based and without fail, prodding the definitions of bass-led music into its more uncomfortable, yet sonically alluring zones. This 52nd entry in our Upfront series is evidence of that audacity. 50mins of dancehall, grime, techno and everything in between; served up in a way that only Crazylegs could.




Andwot juggles head of editorial and hosting/programming duties for Boiler Room.