Upfront 055 / February 15, 2016


Loony house productions, hooky club jams and VHS instructionals — one of BR's firm favourites steps out of the balearic zone to deliver a speedball showcase of something decidedly new.

About this mix

After some time pursuing the endless summer, both in aesthetics and reality, I’ve come back with a slight disdain for all things ‘tropical’. Nothing wrong with nice weather and beaches, but paradise is often compromised by the haze of orientalism. That being said, pollution does make for the best sunsets.

I’ve come home to Australia with a renewed interest in house music and tempos that sit away from the equator, so to speak. There are loads of aesthetics to explore in the immediate surrounds of my temporary studio in a suburban garage, amidst my dad’s plumbing tools and instructional VHS tapes.

This mix is a chance to introduce some new directions, tempos and aliases. Things are a little faster now, but still pretty thin and light footed. Still into nature, insofar as the Toilet Duck makes an appearance. Still into water, but this time it’s a dunny rather than a waterfall. I’m hanging out where the sewer meets the sea, in a shit old 4wd, with my dad in the passenger seat.

Andrew Wilson

Boiler Room says...

It's not hard to pinpoint the appeal of Melbourne's Andrew Wilson, aka András. His DIY production style has a naive quality that's tactile, intimate and (almost always) infectious. The pillow-light percussion, the drifting synths, the retrograde drum machines – it's the stuff of moonlit boulevards, pastel pink speedboats and the fabled Balearic dream. Drawing together ambient new-age, lo-fi garage house and tropical funk, it's a sound with real creative cohesion: calming without being corny; leisurely before falling limp.

Our Upfront series often works best for producers like András who really own their own aesthetic in this way. The artists who seem to have nailed their creative identity. Even so, each mix we showcase here is a sketch of an artist's mind at a certain point in time. In this case, we've been lucky enough to catch a rare moment in flux: a 30m outing in which András trades in his easy-going fare for a mix of club-ready (and quite bonkers) house productions.

After a hilarious soundboard of his Dad's instructional VHS tapes on home-plumbing, it's all go. 125BPM and beyond, there's bumping kicks, acid tinges and a whole spread of nutty samples (ducks, pneumatic drills and wheezing Aussie sports commentators all feature). His signature style remains – the hooky melodies, the natural tones, the simple palette – but it's more hyperactive and fun than ever.

Will Davenport

Will Davenport

Will is a Boiler Room project manager and contributing writer.