Upfront 058 / March 8, 2016

Julianna Barwick

Julianna Barwick showcases her extensive array of musical disciplines. Performance, production, composition, soundtrack scoring and beyond – all squeezed into one hour of Upfront goodness.

About this mix

I first discovered Boiler Room when I played the amazing Arcosanti Festival (curated by Hundred Waters) in Arizona last year. Being invited to do a Boiler Room Upfront mix that would focus on my own music was both flattering and interesting. I had done DJ mixes in the past, but never with my own records. Along with some rare and unreleased tracks and a sneak preview from my forthcoming album Will, I included a couple of my personal favorites to serve as an introduction for those who have never heard my music. There are also some pretty wild collaboration tracks (with Ikue Mori, Helado Negro, Flaming Lips, Korallreven) that may be a surprise, even to those who already own some of my albums.

"White Flag" from the album The Magic Place
One of my favorites from The Magic Place. It's one of those songs that materialized magically – and when I listen to it, I can't remember how it came to be. It's just exploding with joy and love.

Remix of "Vow" by Diplo and Lunice (unreleased early version)
This was an early unreleased version of a remix that Diplo sent for the Matrimony Remixes EP. I love it so much, and want the world to hear it.

"Blood Brothers" from 10" record Rosabi
This song was made in conjunction with Sam Calagione and everyone at Dogfish Head Brewery. Sam and I collaborated on a beer back in 2013 and I recorded a vinyl EP using sounds from the brewery machines. I wanted to include a track from this very special collaboration that is dear to my heart, as I think many people may not have caught wind about it.

"Tormentas" by Ombre from the album Believe You Me
Here is my favorite track from Believe You Me – a record I made with my brother (not really) Roberto Carlos Lange, aka Helado Negro. We named our project Ombre. Roberto has become a very important human, music confidante and advisor to me over the years. I wanted to make sure I included a song from that record we made together.

"Red Tit Warbler" from the album Sanguine
One of my favorites from my first record Sanguine, when I was still figuring everything out and recording on cassettes.

"Rain and Shine at the Lotus Pond" by Julianna Barwick & Ikue Mori
Wow. This collaboration has such a special place in my heart. RVNG's Matt Werth asked me to make an improvised, live-to-lathe record with Ikue Mori of DNA and beyond. She is a legend. It still feels surreal that this project happened.

"Sa Sa Samoa" by Korallreven
The guys from Korallreven asked if I would lend vocals to this beautiful song a few years ago. Much like many of the other songs on this mix, I thought this one might not have been heard by people who like my music, so I wanted to include it.

"Call" from the single Pacing
I recorded this with Alex Somers in Iceland, but it's actually an old song that I played in a very different way for a few years. It's very melancholy. I love it very much.

"The Harbinger" from the album Nepenthe
This is my favorite song from Nepenthe. I almost cry every time I hear it. It just invokes all the memories of recording in Iceland with Alex, and the girls, and Amiina, and Robbi [Sturla Reynisson]. It touches me so much.

"One Half" live at Judson Church, NYC (August 20th 2013)
This show was an absolute triumph for me in so many ways. It was really difficult getting all of these very special humans into my tiny apartment to rehearse for just a few hours before the show – and we pulled it off! I will never forget it. Guitar by Scott Bell, Rosemary Nelis on the viola, vocals from Kate McGuire, Nimai Larson, Taraka Larson and Sharon Van Etten.

"Wist" from the forthcoming album Will
One of my favorite tracks from my upcoming release, Will.

"She's Leaving Home" by Flaming Lips with Julianna Barwick
Wayne from the Lips and I struck up a friendship a few years ago, when I opened a show for them. Little did I know it would lead to singing "She's Leaving Home" for their With a Little Help From My Fwends record of Beatles covers, or singing with them and Phillip Glass at Carnegie Hall. Life is crazy, and so fun.

"Reckoner (Julianna Barwick Remix)" by Radiohead
A remix I was commissioned to do by Radiohead themselves. This is off their 2010 track, "Reckoner".

"Very Own" (Bach: Concerto in D Minor BWV 974: II. Adagio)
This was a challenging assignment – to interpret a Bach piece. It was really hard to memorize. It came out on the Red Hot & Bach compilation on Sony Masterworks to raise money for AIDS prevention.

"Dream Baby Dream" from the Moogfest EP
I recorded this Suicide cover for the peeps at Moog, who were integral in the making of my new album Will. Can't wait to play Moogfest this summer - so many great artists on the bill.

"Chaos" from the film I Remember Nothing (dir. Zia Anger)
Zia made my "One Half" video where I smash a cake in the forest. Knowing Zia is one of those things that I am so thankful for. She's one of my favorite people ever. When she asked me to score her excellent short film I Remember Nothing, I jumped at the chance. This song plays during the credits, and will be coming out on a limited edition 7” vinyl single, sold only at my website.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening. Special thanks to those who purchase and support.

Julianna Barwick

Boiler Room says...

Brooklyn-based Julianna Barwick has been turning heads with her musical experiments. Both innovative and inventive in her extensive use of voice, instruments and technology, Julianna has built up her own discography and music credits to encompass an array of mediums – performance, production, composition, soundtrack scoring, and beyond.

Julianna's entry to our Upfront mix series is slightly different in both style and approach, to showcase her broad repertoire. Album highlights and rarities from her own back catalogue, never-before-heard moments from her forthcoming opus Will (a pre-order we strongly recommend you look into), snippets from a film score, a Flaming Lips collaboration – there's even a remix Julianna was commissioned to do by Radiohead themselves.

Despite regular praise for achieving the outstanding within her field, Julianna's modesty prevails. When approaching her with regards to curating an Upfront, we were delighted by her dedication to grasp the concept and really make it her own – despite being swamped by travelling, tour dates and an album launch. In amongst this mayhem, her Upfront brings a moment of repose. Elements of melancholy and euphoria are united effortlessly in Julianna's mix. A worthy selection of music that we are hugely excited to share with you.

Julia Kisray

Julia Kisray

Julia is Digital Editor & Music Programmer at Boiler Room.