Upfront 061 / March 29, 2016

Hot Record Société

90mins worth of exclusive beatsy goodness from Oakland-via-the rest of the world. Find a comfortable seat, pour out some tea and protect your neck.

About this mix

What you are listening to is a mix. It is also a portrait. A portrait of many moments in time; placed carefully into the vast pool of information, within which much has been lost or forgotten. However, these pieces have the ability, like all music, to transport an engaged listener to those moments of their creation. Hit play without any preconception. Find a comfortable seat and pour out some tea; move around in your space freely.

This compilation is a collection of unheard sounds. They hold the potential to become unexpected assets. As a result, what we gain is Something, yet it is by virtue of [the] Nothing that these can be put to use. Let them wash over you without expectation.

The objective is community, without striving for it. Methods are found in the recognition of balance between commonality and distinction. Alliance can be found in all places. In an ally it is benevolence that matters.
Blunt the sharpness; untangle the knots; soften the glare
Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.

Hot Record Société

Boiler Room says...

Stumbling across small, yet awesome imprints is an accidental skill of mine. Before Soundcloud became an over-populated graveyard for below-par one-timers, it was a real goldmine for up-and-comers. It’s now way too saturated to really find good music directly on the site. The majority of put-ons come from external sources.

Hot Record Societe was one of my early finds back in 2014. I specifically remember it because a Belgian beatsmith called Shungu had dropped The Capricorn Tape, and it was during a time when I was developing a (since deceased) interest in the horoscope. It was also late January and I remember having absolutely no money.

Something about his method of collaging rhythms — predominantly odd samples and wisecrack snapshots from Slum Village and co — particularly stood out to me. The project was cohesive and sounded and felt like a warm hug; it seemed to be curated with a lot of love from both producer and label owner. And so I kept following.

Although two years have passed, that aesthetic has remained a cornerstone of the HRS output. Unbounded by geography — their discography includes entries from Japan, Paris, and St. Louis to name a few — the love still remains. And even though he prefers to remain lurking in the background in true Gatsby style, props must be fed in Jamie Whelan’s direction. He’s a humble, Oakland-based dude with an uncanny ability to excavate uber-talent.

In true HRS style, their Upfront offering is PVA-glued tight with an overarching community feel. It’s a 40+ sized family affair flavoured with enough boom-bap to take you through this week and way beyond. Protect your neck though, it’s a head-knocking marathon.



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