Upfront 068 / May 24, 2016

Ethiopian Records

Ethiopian Records says thank you to those that grant him 100% creative freedom with a pile of 100% unheard, freshly squeezed music from East Africa.

About this mix

In the past few years , I have come to realise (in a very practical way) how the night scene can be limited and limiting. I've also noticed how limiting it is to expect something out of a performer or a DJ when going to a show or a club. I understand and empathise that what is familiar seems friendly and warm, but it's also vain and very narrow-minded to not want to explore beyond one's comfort and cultural zone.

The club scene was never my comfort zone and it still isn't. But I have enjoyed almost every moment of it when I discovered that there are those that come to a show without expectations; those just bringing their spirits ready to converse with the music. There is so much beautiful music out there and there are so many beautiful souls out there, I urge you not to enclave yourselves in one culture, one perspective, expectations, stereotypes and labels — whatever your culture and perspective might be.

This mix is one that I did thinking of the chains one puts on oneself in order to fulfil expectations.

Listening and losing oneself in the moment is an art, and this mix is dedicated to all of you that come to venues, show after show, and that have never once come up to a performer and requested a song. Those that lose themselves in the moment and embrace whatever road the performer has decided to take the room in. To all those that have let me and other performers play, share, produce and release — thank you for trusting my/our spirit(s).

This is to express my deep respect to you for sitting down, standing up, dancing, letting me express myself with absolute freedom in the moment. Especially with my limited perspective, the limited tools and the songs at my disposal without expecting anything other than exactly that of me, to be real and to be free.

Thank you for listening and for your love.


Endeguena Mulu

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