Upfront 084 / November 2, 2016

#savefabric (mixed by Terry Francis)

fabric + Houndstooth present an overwhelming 111-track compilation, representing the full spectrum of electronic music that the club has housed for 17 years. A perfect embodiment of everything fabric is and stands for.

About this mix

Terry: I was given the final masters just last week. It was a lot to digest but was immediately blown away by the standard everyone delivered over such a short period of time. As a resident of the club of 17 years, it has meant so much to me to see all these artists get behind us, so it was actually a bit of an emotional process recording the mix.

Ultimately the track selection came down to my choice of what I felt worked within the mix and still reflects all the different sounds of fabric over the years. I feel bad for not being able to include them all on here but with over nine hours of music that would be been an impossible task.

Rob: The past three weeks have flown by. Managing this compilation with Rob Butterworth, label boss here at fabric Records, and Melissa Taylor over in Berlin from inception to finished master has been a personal highlight of mine in what has been quite a shitty year. Artists on this comp and those too busy with touring commitments have been incredible, giving up a considerable amount of their own time to make something truly amazing for us. We salute you.

Roll on November 28th for the court case. Please support #savefabric.

Terry Francis + Rob Booth

Boiler Room says...

The battle continues to prevent one of the world's most notorious clubs from shutting their doors permanently. fabric's story has become emblematic of the larger problem facing club spaces both in the UK and globally, causing thousands of people from every corner of the industry to stand up and show support — as well as the general public in their hundreds of thousands.

News of their closure has been received with an overwhelming response — from over 150,000 signing a petition, endless press coverage, discussions and £300,000 in donations already raised to help fund their court case. The #savefabric compilation comes as the next logical step in the fight.

fabric Records and artist-led label Houndstooth have asked their associated artists to donate a track, with only three weeks from inception to final master. The result is humbling: 111 original tracks and reworks from some of electronic music's key figures. TiefschwarzSkream, Machinedrum, Clams Casino, Marquis Hawkes, Pinch, M.A.N.D.Y.Radioactive ManRoman Flügel, Nathan Fake, Special Request — the list goes on and on, and on.

There's no better way to express the sense of community felt within the world of electronic music — for which fabric is a fountainhead. The compilation represents all avenues of electronic music that fabric has housed over the last 17 years, from its more experimental explorations to the tracks purpose-built for Room One's peak time.

It's our honour to showcase the first listen, mixed by longstanding fabric resident Terry Francis. The true highs and lows felt throughout the hourlong mix paint fabric's battle in a different light. It's the perfect embodiment of everything fabric is and stands for.

Join the fight to #savefabric. The compilation drops on November 4th, and the court case takes place on November 28th. Pre-order your digital copy now, either on fabric's site or Bandcamp.

Julia Kisray

Julia Kisray

Julia is Digital Editor & Music Programmer at Boiler Room.


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