Upfront 086 / November 14, 2016

Banoffee Pies Records

Having come to fruition in Bristol, Banoffee Pies have built a friendly community of dance music lovers via their parties and imprint's output. A friendly bunch well worth getting to know.

About this mix

Banoffee Pies Records: born in Bristol, with global roots.

We bring you an all encompassing approach to the many moods and styles of dance music, in all its various forms. We have little care for the usual constraints of a signature sound, an ideology also reflected in our DJ performances, attempting to bring an inimitable flexibility that fits all moods of the dance floor. An open minded outlook that correlates closely with the ethos of our label.

These 12" compilations are made up of work from various artists, targeted directly at the music heads who share our eclectic views and beliefs. We hope to voice an increasingly important message: that the music is the focus, and the title or artist should always fall secondary to prioritising quality.

In turn, we welcome all those talented producers whose work has never been fully pushed into the light. This 45-minute mix features 10 forthcoming tracks on Banoffee Pies Records. As we push the BPR platform to support a diversiry of sounds, artists and demographics, this mix provides another genre-spanning journey that's complementary to the rest.

Let the music talk, and the sounds speak to you. With love from Banoffee Pies. x

Ell & Sandy

Boiler Room says...

Simply put, the Banoffee Pies family have trailblazed their way onto their scene, bringing a handful of budding producers with them in their upward spiral of success along the way.

Having come to fruition in Bristol and now booked to play around the world, the community felt at Banoffee Pies parties is carried through in their imprint's output. Over the past three years, Sandy and Ell have cultivated a network of friendly musical faces that orbit around the Banoffee Pies hub — building a repertoire of fun music all loosely bracketed under the 'dance' rubric. An original, approachable ethos we 100% back. Banoffee Pies is now recognised globally to those that know about no-fuss dance music of the highest quality.

We've been watching the boys' movements with a keen eye for a minute now, featuring a Debut off their recent BPLS003. An Upfront mix was therefore the logical next step. Tuck into a slice of their forthcoming goodness, with plenty of never-before-heard stuff from the label. Also, be sure to keep eyes peeled for what Banoffee Pies are getting up to in the months to come.

Julia Kisray

Julia Kisray

Julia is Digital Editor & Music Programmer at Boiler Room.


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