Upfront 028 / June 22, 2015


Brainfeeder crew, TAR boss & FlyLo's tour DJ: PBDY quietly dominates. With 37 (mostly unheard) tracks in a lean 62m, his dazzling/dizzying mix keeps that winning streak up.

About this mix

Lately it's been the best & worst of times. I've been blessed so much to go on tour now with FlyLo all over the world: Europe, U.S., Japan – it's a dream come true. If you told yung Paul back in the day things would be like this I would tell them 'get the fuck outta hereeee.' It's truly amazing to have the family I do.

But also, I've also been dealing with family issues as my mother was in the hospital for 4 weeks. I've been through some shit these last few months/past year or so that I never thought I would. It's created a hell of a beast. I've got a tape coming out soon with Jeremiah Jae and I'm starting my first solo project that will be out later in the year hopefully. That should give you guys a glimpse of what I've seen.

This mix is mostly unreleased upcoming music on my label TAR as well as some unreleased gems from friends + family. Lots of footwork, jungle, dark vibes, things to sweat to & things to give us our hope back.

You guys asked for something special so here it is: a preview of the rest of 2015, a bit of 2016 & few cuts for the heads.

Paul Preston

Boiler Room says...

All hail PBDY: Starting soft, the TAR records head honcho darts between Aphex-y hardcore, triple-heavy hip-hop, and ends with an undulating guitar skronk before collapsing in a heap after reeling through 37 (mostly unheard) tracks in a tight 62 minutes.

Despite it's zig-zagging nature, PBDY's mix is remarkably fluid and manages to avoid being at all jarring, a problem rapid-fire mixes can often have – and something that takes serious skill to sidestep. On the contrary: it's full of warmth, and has Paul's fingerprints all over it.

Paul obviously took the Upfront aesthetic to heart: the majority of tracks here don't come out until later this year, with the remainder not pencilled for release until 2016. Plus he made about a dozen different art variations to match. What a champ.

Tuck into the exclusives and let one of BR's truest favs – and oldest homies – entertain and enlighten you for the next hour.

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel Szatan

Gabriel is one of the show programmer/hosts, and BR's Editor-in-Chief – somehow.