Upfront 066 / May 9, 2016

Dream Catalogue

Cleanse your soul with the abstract, ethereal, and futuristic dreampunk of London-based record label Dream Catalogue.

About this mix

Dreampunk is the music of the cyberpunk age we find ourselves living in today, a world prophesied by cyberpunk writers in the 1980’s. As technology increasingly takes over every aspect of our lives, the only thing we have left that is sacred and private is our minds - for now, at least. Dreampunk is music of the mind, where the main objective is to transport you into another world through suggestive narratives and concepts, with abstract, futuristic-sounding music for a new generation. Dreampunk is dream music for underground people living in this increasingly surreal dream world reality.


HKE is known for his work as an electronic music artist as well as being the owner of London-based record label Dream Catalogue and one half of the 2814 duo, along with fellow label-mate Telepath.

Boiler Room says...

London-based record label Dream Catalogue specializes in conceptual projects packed with doses of surreality and futurism. With a massively prolific release schedule—Dream Catalogue has put over 100 releases since being founded in 2014—the label has established itself as a champion of experimental, boundary pushing sounds. Projects on Dream Catalogue carry a distinctive presentation and aesthetic, and most artists on the label are anonymous figures, allowing for the story-driven releases to speak for themselves. 

This downtempo mix is full of unreleased and upcoming tunes on Dream Catalogue, and mixed by label head HKE, formerly known as Hong Kong Express. HKE's a prolific producer in his own right, and his work under a number of different aliases feature on the mix. His work as one-half of 2814 alongside t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 resulted in one of my favorite projects of 2015 in 新しい日の誕生 aka Birth of a New Day. Packed to the brim with deep, undulating waves of atmosphere, 新しい日の誕生 exemplifies the goal of dreampunk: to bring the listener to another world. 

Highlights here include the digital debut of 2814's "Aftermath", previously only available via cassette and vinyl editions of 新しい日の誕生, and HKE's unreleased collaborations with COCAINEJESUS and DARKPYRAMID. In addition to Dream Catalogue material, expect a couple tracks from TKX, No Problema, and one from HKE's own Old English Spelling Bee release Omnia.

Transportive vibes lie within; dive in and zone out.

Nelson Liu

Nelson Liu

Nelson is Deputy Editor & Music Programmer for Boiler Room in the U.S.