Upfront 074 / July 5, 2016


Shipwrec family member, DJ Camiel, gives you an exclusive look into the label's immediate future and unearths a multitude of unreleased gems

About this mix

Big things can come from the smallest of places. Nijmegen might not be the largest or most famous city in The Netherlands, but from this modest historic town has come one of the most exciting labels of modern electronics: the pioneering Shipwrec.

Since 2010 Ferdi Maks has been building his imprint, exploring styles as diverse as scorching acid and frosted electro to glitched electronica and classic dutch techno. And this desire to release quality techno was given name and form in 2013 with the establishing of Deep Sound Channel.

Within this search for new sounds, Shipwrec has sought out electronic trailblazers and fledgling talent close to home and form across the globe. This tireless pursuit has been heard in the imprint’s shift to album releases, the recent setting up of their digital platform, Shipdigi, alongside the healthy spread of vinyl EPs.

And running parallel to this strong sound is a strong artistic accompaniment. Screen printed sleeves, vibrant coloured vinyl and a personal touch melting audio and visual into one.

This mix, lovingly put together by Camiel, is an expression of what Shipwrec is all about; artists from past, present and future have been collected for over an hour of unreleased and upcoming works. Tracks from Datassette’s soon to be released album, textured riches from Hexagon (aka Conforce aka Versalife), otherworld electro debuts from the mysterious HYDRA (a well known entity set for three albums on Shipwrec), gravelly mechanics from Roel Funken as Styx, synth funk from DMX Krew, robotic bass assaults from Illektrolab to the icy Composite Profuse and many more...

New names jump from the tracklist. Quadratschulz is a new addition, his 303 musings steeped in reflection. Fedbymachines, a fresh face, line up against the apple cheeks of DL, a new project set up by Alex Jansen for the latest Shipwrec series, the house centred Galatea.

A statement of future intent from Nijmegen.


Words from Rob Geoghegan

Boiler Room says...

Boiler Room travels back to the vibrant scene in Nijmegen, with a highly anticipated entry to our Upfront Series from Shipwrec Records.

Masterfully crafted by DJ Camiel, the mix gives a brief insight into what the label is all about. Artists new and old firing trippy acid-tinged melodies, frosted electro, classic dutch techno and frenetic beats into new and undiscovered galaxies.

Max Haynes

Max Haynes

Music and Partnerships Assistant