Upfront 079 / August 23, 2016


FarragoL, fka Luviia., is an instrumental hip hop producer based out in Taiwan. A collage of unreleased beats and bobs from FarragoL + friends inside.

About this mix

Music is like a breath of fresh air. We need more feelings and breathing space. It’s a great honor to spread some vibez for BR. I hope that this mix lights up your day in any way or means.

This mix is composed of unreleased works and new materials. There's about my forthcoming tracks included in this year. Some of tracks from forthcoming materials including: Khryo (Paris), Weirddough (Las Vegas), Olof Melander (Sweden), Mohdalsoul (Los Angeles), mOgillah (Brooklyn), Hann_11 (PHL), Linn Mori (Tokyo), Lidly (Tokyo), ΔKTR (Yokohama), 8reg (Tokyo), Odeeno (Naples) and LoVibe (Ukraine). So much Love to all the homies, they're blessed with marvelous talent.

As always spread love, share good vibrations, and stay blessed.


FarragoL, formerly known as Luviia., is an up and coming beatmaker/collage maker out of Taiwan. instrumental production can be classified as soulful hip hop, filled with groovy, organic vibes. The sounds of 70's and 80's jazz/soul/funk music heavily influence his instrumentals.

Boiler Room says...

Based out of Tainan, a city in southern Taiwan, FarragoL writes soulful, grooved out hip hop instrumentals. This isn't his first time on Boiler Room either—FarragoL made an appearance on Sofie's MAILOUT 001 mix under his previous Luviia. moniker with Rainybar. When asked about the recent name change, he said, "I hope this name could fit my sound works better."

FarragoL was originally tapped to play our first Boiler Room session in Taipei a couple weeks back, but due to last minute timing and venue shifts, he ended up not being able to make the show. But it's not all bad, as we're now blessed with just under an hour of gorgeously flipped samples, lo-fi textured goodness, from FarragoL and his friends across the globe.

With releases on Inner Ocean Records, Darker Than Wax, Modal Aspiration Records, FarragoL is just getting started.

Nelson Liu

Nelson Liu

Nelson is Deputy Editor & Music Programmer for Boiler Room in the U.S.


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