Vessels “Elliptic (Throwing Snow Remix)”

Vessels‘ original incarnation for “Elliptic” was quite something. Not normally known for their forays into electronica, the rock band’s new direction could have sent them down the one way street to oblivion. Instead, the outcome was 8mins of true hypnotic bliss; sounds that were custom-built for that eyes-shut, euphoric passage on the dance floor.

The band’s 3rd album Dilate was recently signed to Different Records and gets re-released in 2016 with a caboodle of extra edits and remixes. One of those remixes happens to be by Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. Grounded, or should we say lifted by that same somniferous feel, the makeover is amped by a puffier drum and low-end backbone. The movement is transformed from starry-eyed rapture to head-nodding beatitude — music for the mid-night rush and beautifully done at that.

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