Wax Stag “Summit (FaltyDL Remix)”

Having taken a more passive role providing edits and live instrumentation for the likes of Errors and Clark in recent years, Wax Stag’s sophomore record II (duh) is a supple extension of that pastoral sound. The track titles tell the whole story, really: “Woodland Walk”, “Race To The Lake”, “Caverns” and lead-off “Summit”.

Longtime homie FaltyDL – a man who, as Thris can attest, enjoys the finer things in life (i.e. eating grapes and listening to jazz) – provides a grin-worthy remix of the already ebullient track. The chintzy samples and limber percussion harken back to 2012’s Hardcourage/Our House Stab release – bold colours splashed left, right n centre.


Sean Keating

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