• Oct 21, 2014

    Auntie Flo London / 35 min

    Auntie Flo lifted the roof off with their live set at our Comeme label spotlight

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  • Drvg Culture “(I Don’t Want To Die In) James Franco’s House”

    Drvg Culture – (I Don’t Want To Die In) James… by brtvofficial The new Perc Trax comp is called “Slowly Exploding” – but on only the second track, Drvg Culture throws any notion of pacing out the fucking window. It’s a mean creation. The beat banging on your door while the 303 corrodes your windowsill.

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  • Upfront 001: Rabit

    "With every mix I've been doing lately, I try and reframe some of the music I love in order to give context to the world I'm creating with my own work. Like the first song in the mix: it's like finding pieces of childhood and using them to set a mood or a place where the story starts and patching things together to paint a bigger picture. Common threads, feelings and things that are indefinable. Colours and strokes, a jagged stab. The underdog. That's what interests me."

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  • Slimzee: Still Jam Hot

    Make no bones about it, DJ Slimzee is the closest thing to a record-spinning demi-god that grime has. The reverent disciple of the Pay As U Go Cartel and founding member of Rinse FM is top contender for grime DJ’s fave grime DJ. In his time, he’s been chief disc jockey for the two best

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  • Label Showcase: The (Bizarre) Sights & Sounds of Cómeme

    Cómeme are, for want of a better word, weird. A weird label throwing weird parties featuring a tight-knit but undeniably weird stable of artists. But that’s a large part of why they deserve celebration: there are no airs and graces; just goofballing and good times. Everything channeled through the Santiago-founded label bears that same indelible

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  • Sep 30, 2014

    The Gaslamp Killer’s “Break Stuff” London / 20 min

    The Gaslamp Killer gives us the lowdown on his new project with Serato, "Break Stuff"...

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  • Collections: Joe Davis (Far Out Recordings)

    The original film poster, gifted to Joe by his girlfriend at the time who was working on the film.   Natural music!   In his element…listening to records at Far Out HQ…   As Joe would put it, “This one’s a killah!”   The main men! With their first EP. It was sealed, there was

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  • Aug 27, 2014

    Caribou Pula / 1 hr 4 min

    If you haven't been convinced already, this should confirm the holy worth of Dan Snaith. After a short period of quiet hiatus, it was a joy to witness the full band pealing back to triumphant form in Pula. For the sheer scale of sound and vision, this one goes down as a truly proud landmark and a weighty gesture of things to come. Directed by Paul Bryan & Liam Bream Production Company: Six More Than Forty [www.sixmorethanforty.com]

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  • Let Them In: Perfume Genius

    Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, is slowly but surely becoming something of a ‘small pop’ icon, furrowing a confident path into the realm of alternative singer-songwriter. By tackling subject matters of bottomless darkness – murder, suicide, depression; twisted gender, taboo sexuality and self-loathing – he inverts and actively attacks the sometimes hammy tropes of piano-led balladeering. His unflinchingly direct style places

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  • Sep 18, 2014

    Call Super London / 3 hr

    We were joined by the astoundingly talented Call Super for an extended three-hour set to celebrate 'Suzi Ecto', his new LP on Houndstooth. Hallucinatory techno par excellence. TRACKLIST [cheers JR!) Reel by Real - Serene Circulation - Dubba Bobby Konders - Massai Woman Road Hog - The Fuck Outta my Lane R-Tyme - With You (Carl Craig Mix 2) Moby - Mobility Pierre's Fantasy Club - Dream Girl Revelation - First Power Beautiful Swimmers - The Zoo Colin Potter - On Entering York Minster Jimi Tenor - Solar Wind Ends Lost Jockey - Rise & Fall BoC - Ferox Rachel's - Handwriting Dadaweh - Run Come Rally Horace Andy - She Gone (Version) Masterdon Committee - Get Off My Tipp ??? - ??? Maze - Twilight (feat. Frankie Beverly) Specter - Untitled Downbeat - Raveman Damon Lamar - Tsunami Rain Gaznevada - IC Loveaffair Evelyn King - I'm in Love Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life Christian S. - Jagos Bhakti Crew - Do-Sho-Love (Sunrise Mix) Adultnapper - Low Point On High Ground (Rock Bottom Mix By DJ Sprinkles) T++ - Spacepong Instant House - Awade (Joe's Jungle Dub) Language - Breakdown Wo! Over the Clouds [forthcoming Nous] Schatrax - Mispent Years The Force Dimension - 200 FA Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak Sonic Outlaws - Polar Inertia Marcel Dettmann - Shena (T++ Remix) Pole - Raum Eins Begin - Elate Crash Course in Science - Flying Turns Linear Synthesis - Cycloaddiction The Connection Machine - Bitflower Mutsumi - Collage Panty Smelling Sueno Latino (Derrick May Remix)

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  • Sep 16, 2014

    Dorian Concept Vienna / 40 min

    Take a second to just bathe in the sheer virtuosity of this dude: Dorian Concept, live from Vienna, showcasing fresh material from his new Ninja Tune LP, 'Joined Ends'. Try and chase those Viennese fingers across the keyboard.

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  • Sep 17, 2014

    Biosphere and Maâlem Mohamed Kouyou Marrakech / 45 min

    This is one of a selection of collaborative broadcasts that took place at Marrakech's Dar Al-Ma'mûn centre inside Hotel Fellah. Here we were blessed to couple Norwegian ambient techno producer Biosphere with local artist Maâlem Mohamed Kouyou and band. The results were nothing short of enchanting.

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