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Aba Shanti 45 Min Mix

46 min

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Heal yourself with the soul enhancing powers of Aba Shanti!

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  1. krungthepsoundboy at 30:03 via SoundCloud

    Aba Shanti-I & The Shanti-Ites – Positive Vibration [Falasha ABA12001]

  2. krungthepsoundboy at 34:31 via SoundCloud

    Murray Man / Prince Jamo – King of Ethiopia / One Blood [Salomon Heritage SH005]

  3. Jéjé Oo at 9:25 via SoundCloud


  4. PHOQUE at 20:15 via SoundCloud

    Oh lord..

  5. WiTE RSSian at 0:04 via SoundCloud

    no track list added

  6. El Gato Andino at 18:01 via SoundCloud


  7. RooskeyNOTeven at 20:46 via SoundCloud

    can’t touch this, even if you tried

  8. rogerc at 2:58 via SoundCloud

    murder murder

  9. Marina Mar 7 at 9:49 via SoundCloud

    love it

  10. Descabellado Records at 27:01 via SoundCloud

    YES I your reply here

  11. Joshua - W®∆†h∆ll at 6:34 via SoundCloud


  12. bigger boss at 29:04 via SoundCloud


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