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Baby G

49 min Berlin

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Baby G take a bow.. BPitch take a bow.. everyone bow at how good this show was!

In fact everyone should just bow a bit more..

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  1. ridim at 12:45 via SoundCloud

    well hello massive!

  2. Ash_Carr at 0:08 via SoundCloud

    i don’t know how many times i’ve listened to this mix now.

  3. Solaar at 13:16 via SoundCloud

    This is funky as fuck.

  4. Gautère at 0:26 via SoundCloud

    ID PLEASE???

  5. O-Jay at 23:07 via SoundCloud

    WOW! Awsm!

  6. Sasha Korol at 14:39 via SoundCloud


  7. fodas at 19:17 via SoundCloud

    track id ?:)

  8. hydeeho85 at 12:18 via SoundCloud

    Good mix!!! Can’t stop moving my knee – Is this baby g from Brisbane by any chance?

  9. Kid_M at 29:25 via SoundCloud

    hell yeah, so groovy

  10. Sean Bryan at 13:40 via SoundCloud


  11. chinkone at -1:50 via SoundCloud

    Boiler room crew, why is this mixset set on private? I need to share this! Such an awesome mix!

  12. Mr_R at 13:16 via SoundCloud

    daaamn %)
    id anyone?

  13. Mr_R at 12:44 via SoundCloud

    damn, what a tune.. %)

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