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Blue Daisy

40 min

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No two sets are ever the same with this guy, which is why we love him so much! It's always a joy to have him down..


Outkast - Infatuation (Interlude)

Nosaj Thing - Bach
Robot Koch & John Robinson - The Program
Fallacy - John Wayne Swagger
Gold Panda - Greek Style
NastyNasty - Jelly
Mavado - Last Night
Dizz 1 & Airi Leke - Full Freedom
Dot Rotten - Earthquake
Ludacris (ft Pharrell) - Southern Hospitality
Nosaj Thing - 3rd Complex
Alby Daniels - Loss of Ego
Roachee - SithLord
AraabMuzik - Underground Stream
Wiley - 50/50
Salva - Yellobone (Shlomo & 2KWTVR Remix)
Skanky - Virginity (Skanky's 3vybz Remix)
Sibian & Faun - I'm Sorry
The Weeknd - Morning (Ill-esha Remix)

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  1. Cloak & Dagger Operation at 10:52 via SoundCloud


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