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Wow, i've not seen a live setup that big since.. well, since Carl Craig just a couple of weeks ago. BUT that's not the point. It's still impressive and certainly signified that big things were to come from this three-piece's Boiler Room debut.

Amazing scenes! Come back soon guys.



Iron Man

Melancholie II

Mi Corazon



Matthias Schaffhäuser & Alex Smoke - Lost In The Pile (Brandt Brauer Frick Rework)

R. W. John

Papparazzi (Boiler Room Dub)

Buy 'Brandt Brauer Frick - Mr Machine' here

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  1. vindalooo at 26:41 via SoundCloud

    Big tune for sure!

  2. vindalooo at 26:41 via SoundCloud

    Big tune for sure!

  3. unaDaequat at 54:01 via SoundCloud

    speechless.. the sound is great

  4. Sashapin at 2:18 via SoundCloud


  5. KETSBA at 26:49 via SoundCloud


  6. KETSBA at 36:17 via SoundCloud


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