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Chrissy Murderbot

47 min Los Angeles

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Oh good lord! Chrissy Murderbot bringing tears of pure golden joy to the Boiler Room LA!!

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  1. someonegreat via SoundCloud

    Mad love for Murderbot!

  2. Jerimiah Jonez at 3:30 via SoundCloud

    Is this a Chrissy Murderbot track?

  3. 2kn at 11:59 via SoundCloud


  4. ms___ at 7:52 via SoundCloud


  5. bigger boss at 7:32 via SoundCloud


  6. P Barrett at 10:15 via SoundCloud

    @chrissymurderbot: thanks man!! when u in uk next??

  7. _edwin_ via SoundCloud

    Nice selection

  8. chrissymurderbot at 15:18 via SoundCloud

    @infarkt: Hesk – Can’t Be Satisfied (coming soon on Loose Squares)

  9. chrissymurderbot at 10:15 via SoundCloud

    @chimpfinga: M-Beat – Booyajka Shuffle (Slick Shoota Refix)

  10. LesterDiamond at 15:18 via SoundCloud

    Track ID please. Amazing vocals and bass.

  11. P Barrett at 10:15 via SoundCloud

    track ID please anyone

  12. David Wolf at 31:31 via SoundCloud

    @chrissymurderbot: Thanks a lot :)

  13. Vybem at 14:31 via SoundCloud

    woiii that was nice

  14. Jizzy D'Largento at 20:02 via SoundCloud


  15. Caravanman at 19:54 via SoundCloud

    That shit is nuts mate! Off the chainn!

  16. Krackajak78 at 28:39 via SoundCloud

    LMAO Best vox yet!

  17. Krackajak78 at 9:35 via SoundCloud

    LOVIN’ the oldskool flava!!

  18. Krackajak78 via SoundCloud

    @chrissymurderbot: Brilliant m8, Cheers!!

  19. The Weaponstore at 16:44 via SoundCloud

    @chrissymurderbot: Thanks man! :)

  20. chrissymurderbot via SoundCloud

    @krackajak78: TRACKLIST!
    Chrissy Murderbot – Friendship (Halocyan)
    Chrissy Murderbot – Fuzzy (Electronic Explorations)
    Sarantis – Hallucinator (forthcoming Loose Squares)
    Austin Speed & Calculon – Back The Fuck Up (forthcoming Loose Squares)
    Capleton – Slew Dem (Sinistarr Remix) (unreleased)
    M-Beat – Booyaka Shuffle (Slick Shoota Refix) (unreleased)
    Jammin Gerald – Pump That Shit! (Dance Mania)
    Chrissy Murderbot ft. DJ Gant-Man – I Nutted In You (Loose Squares)
    Hesk – Won’t Be Satisfied (forthcoming Loose Squares)
    E-40 – My Shit Bang (BloopBleep Refix) (unreleased)
    Chrissy Murderbot – What You Are To Me (forthcoming Murder Channel)
    Om Unit – Swimming Dragon (Civil Music)
    South West Seven – Mels Pockets (Reprise) (Carry On)
    Mike Dunn presents Mr. 69 – Phreaky MF (Robsoul Recordings)
    Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (West End)
    chris e. pants – Pass It Around (forthcoming Sleazetone)
    Double Exposure – Everyman (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit) (unreleased)
    Sinnamon – I Need You Now (Jive)
    Robert Owens – Bring Down The Walls (Trax)

  21. chrissymurderbot at 31:31 via SoundCloud

    @davidwolf: Double Exposure – “Everyman” (Chrissy Murderbot Re-Edit)

  22. chrissymurderbot at 22:19 via SoundCloud

    @nebula-music: South West Seven – Mels Pockets (Reprise)
    Mike Dunn presents Mr. 69 – Phreaky MF

  23. chrissymurderbot at 16:44 via SoundCloud

    @theweaponstore: E-40 – “My Shit Bang” (BleepBloop Refix)

  24. G-irl at 24:38 via SoundCloud

    @globalgypsy: This is the song of the year.

  25. G-irl at 24:38 via SoundCloud

    Nice. :-)

  26. G-irl at 15:52 via SoundCloud


  27. dbcooky via SoundCloud

    Does anyone know which remix of Capleton’s Who Dem is the one around 7′ ?

  28. The Weaponstore at 16:44 via SoundCloud

    @ahoodie: What track is this? I’m trying to figure it out!

  29. Tastic at 8:38 via SoundCloud


  30. AHOODIE at 16:44 via SoundCloud

    IN 40 WE TRUST

  31. David Wolf at 31:31 via SoundCloud

    What is this :D??

  32. discowhat (official) at 34:01 via SoundCloud

    Thats what I m talking about

  33. Krackajak78 via SoundCloud

    I guess there’s no chance for gettin a Tracklist?!

  34. Peter Burke... at 22:19 via SoundCloud

    track I.D???

  35. mega- at 1:49 via SoundCloud

    Dope intro

  36. Elsinore at 12:52 via SoundCloud


  37. Tripletrain TEKLIFE at 5:36 via SoundCloud

    tripletrain approves.

  38. UNiiQU3 at 2:42 via SoundCloud

    nice vibes

  39. de'fchild productions at 0:36 via SoundCloud

    @deejay-snarky: Nice on Murderbot!

  40. Joe Snarky at 0:36 via SoundCloud

    YES!! Finally. Thank you, BR

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