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Last week an obscure and kinda freaky Dark Sky descended upon the Boiler Room and tore it to bits. Thankfully it was the kind that spins records, and not the kind that does over American folks - ruining their homes and possessions and making them really sad. We recorded the entire event, and here it is for streaming directly to your ears.


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  1. BAMBUU at 3:48 via SoundCloud

    @jezz1: SX – 2010

  2. Farz. at 25:52 via SoundCloud

    Anyone got the Track ID for this banger please been searching everywhere ?!?!?!

  3. TRASHY KID at 11:30 via SoundCloud

    @macce: Dark Sky – To Lose

  4. Sorele at 3:48 via SoundCloud

    Track name???!

  5. Anomalice at 29:58 via SoundCloud

    @mister-b: Promiscuous girl- dark sky bootleg starts a bit earlier, but carries until Stuck Various Productions Remix – Lauren Pritchard

  6. MISTRB at 29:58 via SoundCloud

    @amba-ldn: ID?

  7. Anomalice at 34:15 via SoundCloud

    @dj-d-a-r-e: Disregard, I googled it, Lauren Pritchard – Stuck (Various Productions Remix)

  8. Anomalice at 34:15 via SoundCloud

    Fantastic, does anyone have a track ID for this tune?

  9. Nickel and Dime at 40:58 via SoundCloud

    vibing to this one! ID?

  10. tomevans24 at 28:56 via SoundCloud

    @xaverhafer: Promiscuous girl- dark sky bootleg

  11. macce at 11:30 via SoundCloud

    track ID?????? DOPE

  12. neana on the trak at 14:18 via SoundCloud

    someone needs to keep the levels the same . . . otherwise this mix is ridonc !!! big ups x

  13. gutalien at 0:10 via SoundCloud


  14. tacotaco via SoundCloud


  15. XVll at 28:56 via SoundCloud

    does someone have the track ID? thats a massive tune!

  16. xtravagant1000 via SoundCloud

    Twas a good night – shame about technical issues – hope they are back in the boiler room soon

  17. Palace. at 29:58 via SoundCloud

    big tunee

  18. seanmoser at 30:30 via SoundCloud

    sic sic sic

  19. Paul Ming at 1:32 via SoundCloud

    purple classic S2

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