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Frankie Knuckles

1 hr 2 min London

The Godfather himself!

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  1. Sergio Fernández


  2. hartbrkrz808 at 0:24 via SoundCloud

    Always Reppin the Chi. RIP Frankie.

  3. djtommysalami at 28:02 via SoundCloud

    Bbbcvx mmmb. C

  4. Brothmaker at 16:51 via SoundCloud

    so sweet. r.i.p. frankie knuckles

  5. Brothmaker at 15:30 via SoundCloud


  6. johnsonjl at 52:30 via SoundCloud

    The catalyst

  7. Marcello Rossini at 1:00:48 via SoundCloud

    addio grande!

  8. tiofredo at 9:39 via SoundCloud

    RIP Godfather…We will miss u

  9. deep house love at 0:30 via SoundCloud

    The best, you are missed:(

  10. Auz 13B at 6:30 via SoundCloud

    R.i.p frankie!

  11. Fabian Burgos 1 at 5:15 via SoundCloud

    You’ve gone so early… thank you for such an unforgettable live session in Creamfields @ BA!

  12. cyberjack66 at 1:01:33 via SoundCloud

    I’m grateful to have seen you spin, Peace out Bro!

  13. Kevin Mitnick 4 at 23:54 via SoundCloud

    @chilla-b: Ariana Grande – Baby I

  14. Kevin Mitnick 4 at 28:02 via SoundCloud

    …The Legend…

  15. Hutch325 at 29:02 via SoundCloud

    Fucking ace!

  16. Diane Ford at 34:17 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P, Frankie Knuckles…

  17. Diane Ford at 16:07 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P, Frankie Knuckles!

  18. junedelapaz at 48:01 via SoundCloud

    U know how do to it forever frankie…

  19. junedelapaz at 36:52 via SoundCloud

    Looooooove loooove loooove u Frankie we will keep it alive fo sho…:)))

  20. Chilla Blaze at 23:54 via SoundCloud

    Track name starting around here please…anyone?

  21. Gil Azevedo at 29:10 via SoundCloud

    Frankie your music will still alive! RIP

  22. Chilla Blaze at 59:54 via SoundCloud

    Genius….he is and was a legend…always

  23. thebigbaum at 21:13 via SoundCloud

    id ?

  24. jojomarou at 36:44 via SoundCloud

    Love this!

  25. jojomarou at 14:05 via SoundCloud

    Thank you Frankie for helping to shape me into the person I am today through your beautiful music xx

  26. Elder Manson at 41:08 via SoundCloud

    RIP my brother……

  27. Christopher A. Klebanoff at 16:15 via SoundCloud

    We’re gonna miss you Frankie!

  28. Christopher A. Klebanoff at 6:32 via SoundCloud

    All my love to you Frankie!

  29. Dan O ' at 1:01:41 via SoundCloud

    Thank u
    We love u
    4 eva

  30. Dan O ' at 36:14 via SoundCloud

    Oh yea

  31. Dan O ' at 25:33 via SoundCloud

    Thank you
    For all you have done 4 house music

  32. tsunekazu at 3:52 via SoundCloud

    my heart is very very very sad!!!

  33. Alexandra Mitchell 79 at 44:49 via SoundCloud

    classic FM 32.00-50.00 <3

  34. Mitchell S at 14:46 via SoundCloud

    so special mr

  35. Mitchell S at 13:31 via SoundCloud

    Rip Master! special edit

  36. Mitchell S at 0:16 via SoundCloud

    Turn this track into a House smash

  37. hugo4800 at 12:24 via SoundCloud

    wicked tunes frank

  38. Euphoric Unity 88 at 18:29 via SoundCloud

    Rest In Peace Frankie :’(

  39. Jimmy Frogs at 21:30 via SoundCloud

    RIP master

  40. chipeggleston at 47:49 via SoundCloud

    RIP Brother, the world is going to miss you. These days in a life without Frankie Knuckles seem so uncertain right now. The fact that you gave so much, left us so much will have to hold us all over until we see you again man :|

  41. MS Nightwatchman at 51:06 via SoundCloud

    Bourgie Bourgie !!
    Ya baby
    Props to Ashford &Simson
    My heart is sad

  42. WYLD at 21:28 via SoundCloud

    So BIG, RIP

  43. barber.Tull at 30:47 via SoundCloud


  44. L Brown at 6:59 via SoundCloud

    We all gonna miss you Frankie…!!!

  45. TAKUYA SETO at 3:21 via SoundCloud


  46. Toni Ferrari at 0:02 via SoundCloud

    Frankie you will be missed.. R.I.P brother thank you for so many wonderful fun nights in Chicago..

  47. Mani Wolf at 17:04 via SoundCloud


  48. Scoutlook at 59:28 via SoundCloud

    Have danced my arse off watching & listening to the genius of this man. He pioneered the big deep house piano sound, so replicated now… Cant belive he has gone, he will be missed but what a sound legacy to leave behind. Thank you & “tears” for you RIP X

  49. antosanto24 at 3:29 via SoundCloud

    Il pioniere … Rip

  50. Inner Sense at 45:54 via SoundCloud

    @abdeltheminister: DOPE track

  51. FLOsounds at 42:24 via SoundCloud

    OG shit right here

  52. FLOsounds at 38:41 via SoundCloud

    what soul, magical vibes

  53. djkmusicsolutions at 41:16 via SoundCloud


  54. André Assad 1 at 25:29 via SoundCloud


  55. FLOsounds at 20:04 via SoundCloud

    shit is fucking so dope and deep

  56. youngonce at 32:57 via SoundCloud

    oh Frankie you’re gone, can’t imagine the music world without you. sleep well dear man.

  57. phill_g at 2:11 via SoundCloud

    missing you already. rip legend.

  58. djteezer at 3:11 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie Knuckles , Your music is here to stay. HOUSE MUSIC all night long….. forever.

  59. Dale Thomas Rates at 1:48 via SoundCloud


  60. trombie at 30:34 via SoundCloud


  61. Rob Amos 2 at 31:22 via SoundCloud


  62. attentionmalik at 54:29 via SoundCloud

    Bless ya F.K. RIP <3

  63. DJ Limelight at 11:46 via SoundCloud

    Seriously, though. Can’t stop moving in my chair at work. Legend

  64. DJ Christina Rosetti at 53:50 via SoundCloud

    Beautiful as always… we’ll miss you Frankie. :o(

  65. ZsaZsa Mk at 30:58 via SoundCloud

    this is what unconditional love SOUNDS like….. bliss ♡

  66. johnnycurry at 0:20 via SoundCloud


  67. Alex Paulino 5 at 56:20 via SoundCloud


  68. Alex Paulino 5 at 36:35 via SoundCloud

    Track ID ?

  69. NSH1980 at 6:30 via SoundCloud

    RIP The Don

  70. Tanjaluvschampagnebubbles at 4:02 via SoundCloud

    LOVE IT!!

  71. James Harrington 21 at 49:25 via SoundCloud

    Long Live Frankie Knuckles King and Godfather of House music, your energy and music will live on forever………..

  72. Dee Jay Skizzy B at 46:47 via SoundCloud

    We will never forget you Frankie!

  73. K.M.X. at 52:59 via SoundCloud

    Rest In Power God Of House!

  74. DJ Cut la Carté at 55:53 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. Daddy House Music <3

  75. mcorrado33 at 48:11 via SoundCloud


  76. Opfeel at 0:54 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie… Eternal Legend

  77. HayaJi at 56:54 via SoundCloud

    RIP – thank you for the music…

  78. DJ Carly Keane Official at 32:15 via SoundCloud

    RIP FRANKIE KNUCKLES ! Your legacy will live on forever

  79. BRENDA SANCHEZ at 55:52 via SoundCloud


  80. Hakki Hacikadiroglu at 8:24 via SoundCloud


  81. Fabricio Albertin at 24:52 via SoundCloud

    1) Ariana Grande – Baby I (Director’s Cut Vocal Edit) 2) Spencer Parker & Dan Beaumont – The Look (Director’s Cut Signature Mix) 3) D Bow – Get Involved Feat. Sonny Fodera (Original Mix) 4) Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Unknown Director’s cut remix) 5) Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nunez feat. Shawnee Taylor – My Melody (Morillo & Romero Dirty Mix) 6) Donna Summer – Hot stuff (Director’s cut Signature vocalmix) 7) LIL’ LOUIS – Fable (Frankie Knuckles Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix) 8) Frankie Knuckles & Director’s cut & Inaya Day – Lets stay home 9) Marko Militano feat Darren Barret – Good People (Director’s Cut exclusive remix, unreleased) 10) Soulful Session Feat. Lynn Lockamy – Hostile Takeover (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kuppers’ Director’s Cut Mix) 11) Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (A Director’s Cut Exclusive, Unreleased)

  82. leechuff at 42:44 via SoundCloud

    RIP Friend thank you for your contribution to House Music….

  83. Patzu DJ/Producer at 27:17 via SoundCloud

    one love!, RIP Frankie N thank you!!!!

  84. linou1000 at 0:16 via SoundCloud


  85. Jessica Shaw 6 at 31:41 via SoundCloud

    RIP The Godfather Frankie Knuckles

  86. AdanAguilar Aka Dj_atomik at 4:34 via SoundCloud

    you will always live in our hearts! RIP our deepest condolences from all of us here in chicago! house music 4 ever!

  87. carborundum at 31:30 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie. An absolute legend. thank you for House :-)

  88. Young Voolcano at 15:22 via SoundCloud


  89. Edgardo Martire at 8:51 via SoundCloud

    gracias por tu arte Frankie…

  90. Jonnybarbs at 1:27 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P <3 Legend

  91. DJ Andre Medeiros at 17:33 via SoundCloud

    searching and searching… rip

  92. user744502289 at 0:59 via SoundCloud

    FK Always

  93. ultradub at 55:26 via SoundCloud


  94. sleepalot at 22:48 via SoundCloud

    Play on in Heaven our God Father, Tha Ni you for the music And the Hope x

  95. SOULBOY SWALEY at 20:35 via SoundCloud

    GUTTED !!!!! Truly gutted !!!!! R.I.P the director

    The creator The legend :(

  96. sleepalot at 0:10 via SoundCloud

    RIP God Father of House music 1/4/14

  97. tomkathouse at 12:24 via SoundCloud


  98. julienaletti at 1:00:10 via SoundCloud

    RIP #FrankieKnuckles ✨❤️

  99. Andreas Vogel 3 at 32:19 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. Frankie

  100. Atsunori Kameda at 8:48 via SoundCloud


  101. philfart at 8:02 via SoundCloud

    Your vibe keeps going! Thanks for what you helped build!

  102. pon_tesh at 9:54 via SoundCloud

    RIP Fankie….Your legacy will be celebrated forever….

  103. Kyla Wazana Tompkins at 0:07 via SoundCloud

    Frankie Knuckles we speak your name

  104. dj_vulcano at 33:21 via SoundCloud

    Sweet dreams Frankie

  105. Harleysimmons92 at 44:18 via SoundCloud

    R.i.p. cuz true legend

  106. Jon's BisheiMer at 58:24 via SoundCloud

    Q.EP.D. !! Genius!

  107. Kwal(Chicago) at 51:54 via SoundCloud

    RIP brother

  108. C. Drei at 0:18 via SoundCloud

    Frankie is now the Resident DJ in Heaven… <3

  109. Dropstar W at 33:32 via SoundCloud


  110. Jose Eustaquio Leite at 0:19 via SoundCloud


  111. dragonZdrummer at 4:18 via SoundCloud

    The G.O.A.T.

  112. aqiyl qasim at 39:43 via SoundCloud

    Peace to Frankie Knuckles. He and Larry Levan are mixing up a storm today.

  113. precious essence at 49:09 via SoundCloud

    RiIP Frankie love u ❤️

  114. Anarchitect13 at 55:08 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. to the Godfather

  115. Fraser Steen at 0:21 via SoundCloud

    Very sad news I heard today. RIP

  116. Jermaine Bouler at 25:54 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P Godfather. you will be missed. Jay.B

  117. precious essence at 6:02 via SoundCloud

    Love you frankie x

  118. The Kid They Call Wonder at 8:42 via SoundCloud

    RIP Mr Frankie Knuckles!!!!

  119. gdim at 48:28 via SoundCloud

    RIP. Thank you for the music

  120. Blas Muro at 49:15 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie :(

  121. Puppyfunk at 15:44 via SoundCloud

    Hell yeah!!

  122. Icehousemixes at 17:57 via SoundCloud

    Go Frankie!! Rest in eternal peace. Thank you for raising a nation of House children

  123. androojb at 28:57 via SoundCloud


  124. Cirillo1971 at 40:32 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. Frankie, you don’t leave us alone..

  125. Puppyfunk at 0:27 via SoundCloud

    Thank you Frankie!!!
    You will be missed :)
    Jack had a groove

  126. Charles at 15:20 via SoundCloud

    Repose en paix génie :’(

  127. A|_ex at 31:56 via SoundCloud

    a true legend has passed away, sad, very sad, R.I.P.

  128. BKNY68 at 52:03 via SoundCloud


  129. C. Caldwell at 7:30 via SoundCloud

    RIP Brother.. You made great music that will never die.

  130. marietchka at 57:07 via SoundCloud

    Fouuuu !

  131. Baelx जैसलमेर at 8:19 via SoundCloud

    One of the best mixes ever!

  132. raah at 16:29 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie!

  133. L.J.C. at 6:44 via SoundCloud


  134. SHELIM at 8:21 via SoundCloud

    You’ll be mixing in Paradise for Us RIP

  135. DEEJAY JOURNEY at 35:45 via SoundCloud

    FKAlways! Thanks for your music!!! You will be missed ❤

  136. DJ DLive at 6:37 via SoundCloud

    Long live Frankie! :)

  137. Miffzsta at 26:00 via SoundCloud

    What a effing legend!! I cant believe you have been taken, but the Angels are going to party HARD tonight with u in town

  138. Monster Disco Records at 6:01 via SoundCloud


  139. Deanj_essex at 13:53 via SoundCloud

    Yes, brilliant!!

  140. QueenOfHouse at 29:45 via SoundCloud

    May your soul RIP

  141. Andrew Jarvis 2 at 0:50 via SoundCloud

    FK mix #2 of the day – RIP man!

  142. Topdogg at 37:59 via SoundCloud

    Frankie you are a hero in the world of house! RIP x

  143. space767 at 8:36 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. thanks for everything!

  144. Rubin K (Keith Classics) at 0:28 via SoundCloud


  145. G2000 at 0:30 via SoundCloud

    Sad news this morning. We all salute you great man.

  146. mkyid at 43:08 via SoundCloud

    Rip frankie true legend

  147. Christian Fredericque at 26:39 via SoundCloud

    Sweet dreams Mister Frankie , your music will live on in our hearts!!! Peace.

  148. PolarityChoice at 11:39 via SoundCloud


  149. Brayan Dabfaro at 42:29 via SoundCloud

    Dem feelz tho! so good! RIP to the Godfather of House. You will be missed.

  150. DJ Funsko at 41:36 via SoundCloud

    What a great mix, what a legend, so sad, the memories will live for ever, he will be miss, but his soul will live among us and for ever, R.I.P :)

  151. Paul Cuzzort at 19:05 via SoundCloud


  152. Paul Cuzzort at 13:47 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie, you were amazing.

  153. antoine-simpson [H2S] at 0:13 via SoundCloud

    This is what I will remember and always have. RIP Frankie Knuckles! You will be missed!!

  154. Jose Cruz Macias at 1:38 via SoundCloud

    R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

  155. user456194836 at 24:33 via SoundCloud

    Rest in peace Frankie! Beautiful Mix!!

  156. Gant-Man at 54:36 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie Knuckles! GODFATHER of HOUSE MUSIC!! NYC CHI

  157. SoundPlaza at 2:59 via SoundCloud

    RIP Frankie :(

  158. Pavan Bhangoo at 12:54 via SoundCloud


  159. StillPhilNY at 34:11 via SoundCloud

    like this one

  160. Jermaine Bouler at 24:13 via SoundCloud

    i love this shit

  161. DJ Densha at 56:39 via SoundCloud

    @king_krowser: UFFFFFF! Esto es muy gordo. Thanks for name!!

  162. DJ Densha at 20:35 via SoundCloud

    @keyzermusic: ‪Erick Morillo, Harry Romero & Jose Nuñez feat Shawnee Taylor – My Melody (Morillo & Romero Dirty Mix)‬

  163. user569821961 at 42:39 via SoundCloud

    Tune !!!

  164. Luis Alonso Ramirez at 0:56 via SoundCloud


  165. Carlo Michele Roasio at 0:39 via SoundCloud

    Grande Frankie

  166. djlaura1 at 32:55 via SoundCloud


  167. djlaura1 at 29:24 via SoundCloud

    I literally had goose bumps all over

  168. djlaura1 at 25:59 via SoundCloud

    Only YOU can do that!!!!!!!

  169. Hector Mario 1982 at 46:41 via SoundCloud

    On the earth i have a pleasure meet you Mr. Frankie…the GOD of HOUSE MUSIC!!!!!

  170. antoine-simpson [H2S] at 30:33 via SoundCloud

    Love this track right here!! Thank you Frankie!

  171. Adamal at 42:45 via SoundCloud

    Great track…

  172. Lockaret at 14:19 via SoundCloud

    Who remixed this and how do I get it???? #Fire

  173. TM-Detroit at 14:42 via SoundCloud

    Great mix!

  174. AdamLinesy at 0:17 via SoundCloud

    Does anyone know the title of the first track?

  175. Chris Peers at 1:45 via SoundCloud

    Sheer klass. Kickin ass Frankie lad. Luvv it ;)

  176. Rohan Silver at 26:08 via SoundCloud

    I like this a lot

  177. Rui HO at 11:01 via SoundCloud

    Supreme vibe!

  178. brutal1 at 15:57 via SoundCloud

    Great mix great job remixing a classic, put this version out there Frankie it has your touch all over it.

  179. Josè Antonio Torres 11 at 3:34 via SoundCloud

    Pinchi Frankie, Eres Un Loquillo =)

  180. Jack Beevers aka Hans B at 48:22 via SoundCloud


  181. user408131232 at 24:28 via SoundCloud

    Amazing mix, great to hear the oldies revitalized! Thanks Barry!!

  182. JimCP91 at 14:25 via SoundCloud

    track i.d?

  183. JimCP91 at 14:41 via SoundCloud

    track id?

  184. antonio evangelista 2 at 26:10 via SoundCloud

    it.s a boiler fankie….

  185. antonio evangelista 2 at 19:10 via SoundCloud

    hot stuff…rest in peace donna….

  186. templar357 at 42:13 via SoundCloud

    Frankie knuckles is the epitome of deep and underground house.

  187. Charles M. Germany at 23:05 via SoundCloud


  188. user363946285 at 0:06 via SoundCloud

    who know the intro track??? very nice…..good job.

  189. Stephen May 1 at 17:09 via SoundCloud


  190. Stephen May 1 at 13:39 via SoundCloud

    LOVE THIS ))

  191. Cvetan.R at 14:52 via SoundCloud

    @tony-sulliban: can you mates tell me the name of Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine remix and tnx :)

  192. Bomboclat Genuine Bwoy at 20:04 via SoundCloud


  193. Lachlan Carline at 43:28 via SoundCloud

    awesome work mate

  194. dougie1974 at 4:33 via SoundCloud

    Frankie you the bomb man….

  195. Tommy mads at 35:21 via SoundCloud

    Pianos, strings, disco vibes and vocals.. Loving it!!!!

  196. RobinFranz at 39:15 via SoundCloud

    This set is just out of this world. I could listen to it a 100 times in a row! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

  197. RobinFranz at 38:37 via SoundCloud

    This is just out of this world! I could listen to this set a 100 times in a row R-E-SPECT

  198. likeit88 at 1:01:20 via SoundCloud


  199. daniel trullenque 1 at 37:48 via SoundCloud

    FK the one!!

  200. Daniel Zepeda 8 at 14:16 via SoundCloud

    Lou rawls remix! Respect!

  201. Daniel Zepeda 8 at 0:28 via SoundCloud

    The Godfather represents!

  202. Nicolas__T at 28:48 via SoundCloud

    Looking for my hot stuff!!!

  203. Nicolas__T at 6:36 via SoundCloud

    Che nostalgia !!!!!!!

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