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Few guys can pull off good hats quite like Funkineven, in face we've not seen one that good on the show since Poirier at Sonar. Funkineven makes some of the best music around at the moment - and you can beliee dat. Check out his label Apron Recordings, if you haven't already.


Unknown - jam toast

Funkineven - Sweets - Forthcoming

Funkineven - Iron Cloud

Funkineven & Fatima - Phone Line - Forthcoming

Funkineven - Chips - Forthcoming

The Abstract Eye - The Unseen

Omar S - Solely Supported

Scylops - Where's Jason's K

Ron Hardy - Edit

Funkineven - Beat Crash

Funkineven - Rolands Jam

Nightmares On Wax - I'm For Real

Superlife - Go Banana's (Legowelt Remix)

Royalty - Octane

The Normal - T.V.O.D

Cybotron - Alleys of Your Mind

Rick James - Give IT To Me (Edit)

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  3. djRope via SoundCloud

    @dMIT.RY track id: OMAR S – solely supported – fxhe album: it can be done, but only I can do it ;)

  4. KETSBA via SoundCloud

    selling soul for the tracklist…pm

  5. dMIT.RY (Neo Violence) at 16:37 via SoundCloud

    whats the track starting here please?

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