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Gifted & Blessed

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When people come all the way from the other side of the Atlantic to play our show, we begin to feel extra warm and giddy and blessed. In fact, cross any big stretch of water and you'll see a similar affect on us. Large up!


Gifted & Blessed - I Feel It In My Forehead

Gifted & Blessed - Tikal

Gifted & Blessed - The Beginner

Gifted & Blessed - The Expander

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  1. Still Deep at 12:17 via SoundCloud

    I touch the sky here

  2. Still Deep at 23:17 via SoundCloud

    @davidmoreira: de Gb al cielo

  3. David Moreira. at 23:17 via SoundCloud


  4. Craftbot at 0:50 via SoundCloud

    nice sound

  5. Paul Ming at 18:56 via SoundCloud

    massive phunk

  6. Paul Ming at 2:18 via SoundCloud

    whoah, wicked!

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