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James Priestley

45 min

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James Priestley on the god damn roof of a fish restaurant with the Olympic Stadium in the background. Sounds like a weird situation, who'd of thought it would make such compelling viewing.

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  1. klayman at 5:37 via SoundCloud

    bigup ;)

  2. 808benalt at 18:28 via SoundCloud

    such a great set

  3. Vortigan at 9:02 via SoundCloud

    @josephhallam: nice one

  4. Beyond The Dance at 26:07 via SoundCloud

    Kerrier District – Kiss My Bass

  5. Beyond The Dance at 15:33 via SoundCloud

    Herbert – Got to Be Movin’

  6. Beyond The Dance at 9:02 via SoundCloud

    Capracara – Flash Back 86

  7. Vortigan at 35:44 via SoundCloud

    Joy Orbison – Ladywell

  8. Vortigan at 39:01 via SoundCloud

    Metope – CPU-Circus (Ada Remix)

  9. Vortigan at 20:01 via SoundCloud

    Roman IV (Roman Flügel) – Fkk

    Sweet tune selection all the way from mr. Priestly, anyone with any more tracks please help me out! Especially the first handful! cheers!

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