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Well this is pretty god damn incredible isn't it! Pariah fresh off the back of a release on R&S and about to put out a collaboration single with Midland, he sure is some HOT property.

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  1. francoisnaste at 17:49 via SoundCloud


  2. Juan Guillermo Recarte at 3:16 via SoundCloud

    nice start

  3. matthews at 17:26 via SoundCloud


  4. Haakdezeekoe at 16:12 via SoundCloud

    @breakc0re-1: Gesloten Cirkel – When It’s Late

  5. evros at 13:29 via SoundCloud

    @evros: found it :D

  6. evros at 13:29 via SoundCloud

    Sooo gooood! Is there a tracklist? Hope so ;)

  7. Navigate. at 25:20 via SoundCloud


  8. Julien Simmons at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @equalsequencedepartment: Plastikman – Spastik

  9. HetisDuister at 14:09 via SoundCloud

    truly amazing

  10. eamon281 at 24:53 via SoundCloud

    sweet track, id please and thanks??????

  11. nebulas at 13:41 via SoundCloud

    Awesome tune

  12. Shitisdiep at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @equalsequencedepartment: Aril Brikha – Groove la Chord

  13. Razeed at 25:43 via SoundCloud


  14. G&_ at 23:38 via SoundCloud

    @frapat: Truncate – Bodega V1.

  15. Hadi Mohammed 2 via SoundCloud


  16. U_man at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @equalsequencedepartment: art of vengeance ep aril brikha

  17. U_man at 37:58 via SoundCloud

    aril brikha- art of vengeance ep- fragile records

  18. U_man at 20:13 via SoundCloud

    mike dehnert and roman lindau,Sophia on fachwerk(red)

  19. Chris Igi Infantil at 19:54 via SoundCloud

    ID pls!

  20. EL3KTR4GOGO at 4:19 via SoundCloud

    sweet rhythm

  21. livinha at 28:57 via SoundCloud


  22. livinha at 18:42 via SoundCloud


  23. The operator at 0:59 via SoundCloud

    this is just sick

  24. James Smyth via SoundCloud

    Such a good track (Scan 7- Black moon rising)

  25. samcampagne at 14:02 via SoundCloud

    @citizencitizen: track id??

  26. Intrest at 15:05 via SoundCloud


  27. Citizen . at 14:02 via SoundCloud

    Sooooo sick.

  28. Charitidis at 46:11 via SoundCloud

    really nice work : )

  29. declanfinney at 27:21 via SoundCloud

    @matt-donnelly: hope they hurry up and release this, been waiting for months

  30. declanfinney at 21:19 via SoundCloud


  31. FarbDiscoGraphie at 23:38 via SoundCloud

    @frapat: You can find the whole tracklist commented ant 00:23. this tune is “Truncate – Bodega” [Truncate6 10'']

  32. AshleyBrownCow at 19:02 via SoundCloud

    @jackakai: what a tune

  33. Breakc0re at 16:12 via SoundCloud

    Damn this sounds niceee! I.D?

  34. kevinreynoldsdetroit at 8:40 via SoundCloud


  35. NXTCLASS at 32:19 via SoundCloud

    yeah great set

  36. cody_s at 20:14 via SoundCloud

    fuckin el

  37. Boyardd at 23:38 via SoundCloud

    Sweet! What tune is this?

  38. xLs at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @adam-solomon: yeah its aril brikha.. bought the lp because i’ve needed this track too

  39. mikekhayata at 25:07 via SoundCloud


  40. Adam Solomon at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @deadsell: Groove La Chorde

  41. BOILER ROOM at 0:28 via SoundCloud


    Scan 7 – Black Moon Rising
    STL – Jungle Sometimes
    Ron Trent – Altered States
    Italojohnson – 03 (B1)
    Tim Harper – I Feel A Groove (Club Mix)
    Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)
    Third Side – Unity (Steffi Remix)
    Gesloten Cirkel – When It’s Late
    Roman Lindau & Mike Dehnert – Sophia -2 Octave
    The Artist Formely Known As 19.454. – Speed Bomb (Skudge Remix)
    Truncate – Bodega V1
    DHS – House of God (Italian Mix)
    Midland & Pariah – Untitled 2
    Hugo Moya – Move
    Robert Hood – Power to Prophet
    Paul Johnson – Tenacious
    Aril Brikha – Groove La Chord
    Plasikman – Spastik
    Sterac – Bot
    Sunil Sharpe – Roki

  42. JoshCroz at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    @equalsequencedepartment: This is so frustrating, I know and have played this song so many times, can’t quite figure it out.

  43. EqualSequenceDepartment at 36:16 via SoundCloud

    I know this track, but can’t scratch the depths of my brain for it…

  44. Evil Concussion via SoundCloud

    Well this is pretty god damn incredible isn’t it! Pariah fresh off the back of a release on R&S and about to put out a collaboration single with Midland, he sure is some HOT property.

  45. matt-donnelly at 43:18 via SoundCloud

    Sunil Sharpe – Roki

  46. matt-donnelly at 27:21 via SoundCloud

    Pariah & Midland – Untitled 2

  47. Pryzmat. at 44:11 via SoundCloud

    cool set !

  48. Barraco Burner at 19:02 via SoundCloud

    Roman Lindau & Mike Dehnert – Sophia – 2 Octave

  49. Barraco Burner at 13:11 via SoundCloud

    Head High – Rave (Dirt Mix)

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